All You Need To Know About Our 43rd Navy Day

To celebrate the spirit of Indian Navy, Navy Day is celebrated all across the country on 4th December every year. India celebrate its 43d Navy Day today.

India is a land of many martyrs and true patriots.

The Indian Defence is one of the strongest among the world. There are three main branches of the Indian Defence, Army, Air Force and Navy for land, air and water respectively.

The Indian Defence System is a strong system and functioning. There are number of officials who work day and night, in adverse situations in order to protect the entire nation. The Indian Navy on similar lines safeguard the boundaries of the sea and it is one of the most crucial tasks.

To celebrate the spirit of Indian Navy, Navy Day is celebrated all across the country on 4th December every year. India celebrate its 43d Navy Day today.

It is followed by a week-long celebration where number of activities such as beating the retreat, cultural program, showcasing their skills etc. takes place.




There lies a long history behind celebrating Navy Day in India. On 4th december 1971, the Indian Navy launched a naval operation against Pakistan, named Operation Trident. Indian Navy played a very important role in bombing he Karachi harbour during the war. During the 1971 Indo-Pak war, our missile boats, INS Nirghat and INS Nipat destroyed and sunk the Pakistani minesweepers namely PNS Muhafiz and PNS Khyber. the Indian Navy fought with great spirits and established a milestone of success in the Naval history of India. Therefore to commemorate the success of Operation Trident, Naval Day is celebrated to salute the heroes of the war. 

Also on the eastern front, PNS Ghazi was sunk near the Vishakhapatnam harbou. There were Indian missiles and INS Vikrant who played an important role in sinking many gunboats and merchant navy vessels near the Bay Of Bengal. This successful move by the Indian Navy was a vital factor to make Pakistan surrender.




To celebrate the victory of Operation Trident, there are many activities that are carried out on this day. Infact, the entire week is celebrated as the Naval Week. During this time, there are many performances showcased by the naval officers. In Mumbai, Beating the Retreat program takes place at the Gateway of India, where the Navy band performs with some amazing instruments that is spellbounding. Also in Vishakhapatnam, an official program is held to commemorate this day , at the Ramakrishna Beach. 

So let’s come forward and salute the naval heroes who fought with all the bravery to save our nation. And don’t forget to witness an amazing performance by the Naval Band that takes place at Gateway of India as the sun sets today.


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