#KhapRules To Curb #Rape… #KhattarKhapTest

Khap Rules, The #HinduMahasabha personnel demanded banning of skirts and jeans claiming them to be the causes of rapes. #KhapRules blame girls for rapes…#NewIndianTaliban

ML #Khattar – the newly elected #ChiefMinisterOfHaryana facing a new challenge:

The #HinduMahasabha personnel demanded banning of skirts and jeans claiming them to be the causes of rapes.

The #HaryanaCM was previously in reports for backing #Khap and blaming women for rapes.

Let me list the various surveys and analogies drawn by the #KhapPanchayat that suggest #Rape happen due to everything else but #Rapists.

These are some out of the world #KhapRules and #KhapDictats:

1)      Age issue:

This brilliant survey by “Haryana’s Sarv Khap Jat Panchayat” concluded that #Rape happen not mentioning rapists but something to do with the age of the girl.

Hence their brilliant solution on the same was to lower the marital age of the girl.

Voila!!! Problem solved.

The entire nation and the justice system is trying to figure out and find solution against this heinous crime but who would have ever imagined it is the age of the girl that causes rape.

Still trying to figure out the logical explanation and connection of #Rape and age?

The #KangarooCourt doesn’t really care about logic.

According to the #Khaps if the girl is physically grown up then she could be married off a couple of years before she turns 18yrs and that would definitely curb crimes like #Rapes.

2)      Modern Western Culture:

This is again a subjective issue on what the term ‘modern’ and ‘western’ mean to all. But again we are talking about #KhapPanchayat’s point of view that is so complicated and many people have failed to understand their insightful concepts.

If there is ever a detailed subject on the ‘Khap Panchayats’ children of this generation would fail as they belong to the modern generation.

The backward mentality to understand the crux of their thought process is required to find meaning to their statements.

So what exactly do they mean by #WesternCulture?


Don’t we have traditional Jodhpuri skirts in fashion?

Oh may be the cell phones…damn iPhones man…

3)      #ChowmeinCausingRapes:

How can we forget this famous discovery where it was revealed that chowmein has a specific ingredient that is not disclosed by the #Khaps that causes #Rapes in society!

The #KhapPanchayat leader from Jind’s Chattar Village – #JitenderChattar came up with this out of the world conclusion suggesting, “Chowmein leads to hormonal imbalance, evoking an urge to indulge in such acts.”

He based this conclusion on his understanding of the grave crime.

So yes, let us just ban chowmein, cell phones, skirts, jeans and every other thing that we may need and rapes would automatically reduce.

Such regressive ideas and thought process still prevail in the society. Scaring and the shocking part is that these #KangarooCourts are ruling and levying diktats.

Isn’t it high time we really ban #Khaps?

Blame the girl, the timing, the food she consumes, the clothes she wears…blame everything but these who would explain these people that rape can only happen because of rapists.

The fact that these people refer to a heinous crime like #Rape as some sort of a mistake is what shocks me.

It will take ages to change their mind set but would the newly elected CM of Haryana do something and ban such parallel form of organizations?

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