10 Issues Every Youth Is Facing Today

Issues of youth

Issues of youth – The youth of today seems to be growing up faster than we did.

We belong to the 90s generation which now is two decades away and that generation has become really old school for the youth of today. But in the 90s, we knew how to live life. Today’s young generation have their faces immersed in the six inches I-Phone screens and are completely taken over by the virtual world.

Let’s find out what are the Issues of youth and what is plaguing the present youth.

Issues of youth –

  1. Losing Collective identity

Yes, they are losing it all. Now nobody seems to care what epidemic is affecting which part of the world or which country is at war with whom. All they are concerned about is themselves and themselves only. What more, most of today’s youth are completely oblivious to the hardships of life.

  1. Broken families

There was a time when people actually made an effort to make marriages work and sort out their differences. Today, its all about who gets divorced at which age. Nobody seems to give the marriage a try and spends more time cheating on their partners than hey spend at home. Children are the most affected by this disruptive families and it takes a toll of their personality development as well.

  1. Drugs and alcohol

This seems to be affecting every single youth, aged 13 to 18. Youngsters today have forgotten what it is to go out into the garden and play fun games. Now their games are Clash of Clans and Counter Strike and their friends get-together means drugs, weed and alcohol.

  1. Materialism

When we were children, we didn’t even bother to look at price tags or brands to wear clothes and shoes. We wore whatever our parents brought us, even if it was from the streets. The youth today, with so much of brand awareness all around, seem to be drawn towards luxurious brands because that would mean they belong to the upscale modern generation.

  1. Early puberty and maturity

Whether they know what it is all about, they don’t seem to bother much. Children of 10-11 years are getting intimate with their partners, only because everyone else is doing it.

  1. Violence in school

I mean, what is that all about? Students are carrying guns to school, molesting others, raping women if they say no to them and of course, there is bullying which has grown manifold since the last generation.

  1. Obesity

Fast food and junk foods have lead to obesity being a growing epidemic in this world. More than 40% of the world’s youth are dangerously obese and without being aware of what dangers it holds.

  1. Economy

Some have jobs and some don’t, owing to the failing economy of the world. Many youth are sitting at home unemployed due to the sheer lack of jobs and money to pay them.

  1. Poverty

Most people have no idea that more than 50% of the world’s population is completely immersed in poverty and that they hardly get a square meal a day.

  1. Education disparity

Last but probably the most important is this aspect. Only the proper rich people somehow get more amenities and facilities at school while middle class people don’t. middle-class people do not receive the same schooling like rich people do, which is why they are left half-educated and thereby, jobless.

These are the Issues of youth – It is very important to draw attention to these issues and acquaint people with them.

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