Reasons Why This Man Molested Despite Having A Daughter

Flight molester

Indigo Air Molester Does Not Have Any Remorse

Who is to be blamed for the regular offenders violating women’s honor in our country?

Even before talking about the innumerable rape cases, let us understand the case of eve teasing in India.

The second video of the Indigo Air offender apologizing sent tremors down my spine. He had absolutely no sign of remorse or shame or guilt…nothing at all!!!


Firstly, a large section of us including me, choose to be silent when someone eve teases us. Silently we had been tolerating the offence for ages.

How many of us ever did what the Indigo Air girl did to humiliate and take video of her offender? Forget taking video…how many of us raise our voice when a man offends us?

When we come to understanding the psyche of the offenders we really need to look at our Hindi films in retrospect.

Our films have taught us that stalking is a common phenomenon and should be taken sportingly. It has been deeply rooted into our belief system that eve teasing is alright.

Look at the below song video ‘Akeli Na Bazaar Jaya Karo’ from the movie ‘Major Saab’. Ajay Devgn lays down all the rules that a woman in our country needs to adhere to and he himself is a serious eve teasing offender in this song.

He stalks her, gropes her, sticks a placard on her butt that reads a prize value, etc. Hey he is the hero in the film.

He has a solid justification that makes it evident that he doesn’t intend to offend but she called for it.

Seriously wow!!! This was the kind of films we grew up watching.

The Indigo Air flight offender has a daughter and says the matter should be over as he had apologized.

The mentality is shocking…he himself has a daughter and he doesn’t have any shame molesting a girl. The habit is a continual process and films are definitely to be blamed at large.

In an episode of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ Aamir Khan actually apologized for doing such films and promoting such scenes realizing the grave consequences it has led to in our societies.

They showed that a girl’s ‘no’ can turn into ‘yes’ if compelled or forced.

Now the trends of those films have changed but did the deeply ingrained mentality change?

We still tolerate as victims and even as fellow onlookers. Till the day we all pledge to completely stand against eve teasing, such old men will continue to molest girls thinking it is O.K.

The girl in the Indigo Air flight has paved the way for all women to stop this habit of tolerating. Till we, as women, change ourselves and think of it as a grave crime that needs to be stopped how can we expect the society to change?

The ‘no remorse’ attitude in these men encourages them to continue these offences.

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