The Juicy Bits On Ranbir-Katrina’s Nuptials – Digging Deep, The Original Scoop

Here is the freshets dig from the rumored wedding plans that Bolly’s hottie couple Katrina-Ranbir have! Let us dig deep and see if the buzz could actually turn true.

The wedding bells are set to ring for the latest Bollywood couple on the block—Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif.

In what can be branded the most-unexpected love encounter of all times, Kat is set to hitch up to her Kapoor hero next year. 

Before, the buzz on this got heightened, there were rumors that the couple is planning to move in to their love pad soon. Amid such conjectures, the actors chose to remain in denial mode. However, we dug in deeper and saw that the family on both sides is very much in tune with the news and that they are on in full swing when it comes to the wedding preps.

Hints Galore

The first hint came when the couple went shopping for a flat in uptown Mumbai. We caught news that they were in talks with several real estate agents and builders round the city. While we also smelled chances that an apartment had been zeroes in on, we cannot be too sure even now. Next up, was mom Neetu Kapoor’s lunch time with Katrina’s mom in London. What else could they talk save the stuff relevant to nuptials for both their kids?

The latest scoop is that the couple is planning invites and guest lists. While, even we believe this is too far-fetched, but you never know! Most of the rumors out of mills seem to always come true!

The best part of this fairy tale wedding is the reason why it is happening after all! Well, we heard that Katrina issued an ultimatum to her beau that if they do not walk down the aisle, then there could be no dating or romance either. Now that’s very odd for a London-reared model-actress, we believe. But still we loved the orthodoxy that still prevails in modern women.

The Kapoor boy is mama’s boy and is said to have zeroed in on Kat only after mamma dearest gave the green. Earlier, he was in a serious relationship with Deepika Padukone when things turned sour due to Neetu’s disapproval on his choice. And despite all the cozy-cooing, Deepika was in for a break up! Since these things are old stock now, the wedding story is indeed hotly baked.

In fact, we keep wondering if the big fat Punjabi wedding in all colors could be replaced by a Snow-White wedding London style. Let us wait and watch. We guess, it is too early to deduce!

More Buzz

Amid so much happening, one particular mill pointed out the weirdest of rumor—that the two already exchanged vows in Sri Lanka!

And the weirder bit was that Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli attended the same.

We barely trust this since wherever we came across this news, seemed too shoddy to believe. However, let us hope, the two actually end up with each other and their love story scores more than a sixer! 

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