Beware! These 10 Medicines Can Cause Memory Loss

Medicines that cause memory loss

Medicines that cause memory loss – Our brain is the most complicated and least understood part of our body. Human brain has been assigned all the vital functions of the figure, it is the major unit of our central nervous system. We are blessed with the power of logic and emotions because of the brain.

We can reminisce our past, think for the future and constantly learn and discover new things in order to exist on this planet only because of brain power.

But, what if you wake up blank- With no past to remember, no future to plan and no logic to learn? This is what makes dementia so frightening.

Medicines that cause memory loss –

Medicines that cause memory loss

In order to stay fit and healthy we often take the help from medicines. Which is a solution for most of the diseases, but the drugs which we take may have an adverse effect on our brain and the memory power. Here in this article we would share with you a list of ten such drugs, which effects the memory power and often pushes us towards dementia. Medicines that cause memory loss are as follows:

Medicines that cause memory loss –

1 – Hypertension drugs prescribed to the patients suffering from high blood pressure. The beta-blockers in the medicine which reduces the heart rate and controls the blood-pressure is thought to cause memory problems by interfering with action of key chemical messengers in the brain.

2 – Statins or cholesterol-lowering drugs are used to treat high-cholesterol. They can deplete the lipids which helps in the connections of nerve cells in the brain. As a result, the memory and other mental process gets affected.

3 – Antianxiety drugs taken for anxiety disorders, delirium, and agitation can dampen the activities of the key parts of the brain including short-term to long-term memory.

4 – Antiseizure drugs are prescribed for treating seizures, mania, nerve-pain, and mood disorders. These drugs control the seizures by dampening the signal flows within the central nervous system. This medicinal reaction causes memory loss.

5 – Sleeping pills are used to treat sleeping problems and insomnia. They act on the regular brain functioning and act on the chemical messengers. These in return have an effect of addiction and withdrawal on the patient.

Medicines that cause memory loss

6 – Incontinence medicines are used in the treatment of over-reactive bladder. In brain they can obstruct the activities in memory and learning centers.

7 – To prevent allergy and common cold, doctors often prescribe antihistamine drugs. Like the incontinence drugs these medicines also hinder the memory and learning center activities which results into memory loss.

8 – Drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease, has major side-effects in the form of memory loss, hallucinations and drowsiness.

9 – Narcotic painkillers are used to treat moderate to severe chronic pain like rheumatoid arthritis. These drugs blunt one’s reaction towards pain, if used for prolonged period they can interfere with the memory power.

10 – Antidepressant drugs used in the treatment of depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, chronic pain and severe menstruation cramps. Most of the patients under this prescription have complained of difficulty in concentration and some has reported some degree of memory impairment.

Before following particular medicines, it is wiser to know the effects and side-effects as a measure of precaution. If you are under occasional use of the above-mentioned drugs then try to find an alternative, which will help you to fight the disease without any side-effect.

Medicines that cause memory loss

These are the medicines that cause memory loss – Don’t try to switch over to the alternatives, without consulting your doctor. It is not only dangerous, but also can enhance your problems. Always keep your doctor at a visit away to live a healthy life. Follow a healthy lifestyle accompanied by fresh and healthy foods. Keep stress at bay and enlighten yourself daily with positivity. These will help you to enhance your brain power. Be responsible and stay fit & healthy.

Medicines that cause memory loss

Take Care!

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