India Needs an Anti- Stress Pill

A young student of Don Bosco, Bandel, expresses his wish to give India an anti-stress pill for better development.

 In the present scenario of technological world as of the economical world, Indian market is one of the best. There is a constant development happening in economical policy even as I write. Development of every single thing must happen for an all round development of one country and India is one of the countries in the world, which tends to develop every minute.

 For the very purpose of developing it further and far better than what it is today, everybody is in the constant huff of contributing towards making it the World’s most developed country. As development touches a higher phase it brings along a need to do more; projects, assignments and homework. This constant surge to outperform one’s own self has brought a lot of pressure along. As a result, Indians has come under a perpetual stress, irrespective of the fact whether they are working or not working.  We all are under stress, right from a child who goes to school to a grownup who sits for an entrance test and his parents. Academic stress, parental pressure, societal pressure and personal stress, in today’s time and age the mad rush to outperform has brought in a silly phase in our lives, where the motto of our existence has come down to proving ourselves . Why only a commoner, but even our Policy-makers, politicians, forces, researchers, stress haven’t left any facet of India’s development to scowl in peace.

 An individual stress has not only contributed to the collective stress of the country but has started weakening the very basis of development. If this continues, we will forget what life is. It is more than passing an exam or developing advanced nuclear weapons. As a youth of the country, the scenario perturbs and baffles me. In my opinion, India needs an anti-stress pill and get hold of the artificial emotion that have been induced or rather thrust upon its citizens. I think, more than anything, it is the need of the lest the citizens of India fall sick and we are left with the concept of development as a mere page from the book .


About the Author: Dipayan Pal is a student of Don Bosco, Bandel. He is a writer, columnist, freelance journalist and an Internet Activist. He has co-founded a non- profit organization – Internet Activism (https://www.facebook.com/IA.supporters) which is trying to make World Wide Web open and secure. 




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