5 Nastiest Revenge Stories That Happened After A Breakup


Love – Oh sweet love!

It is good only until it lasts…

And when it is over, it becomes a nightmare for the person who loved more or the one who lost everything…

Love is more of a sham in this present world… no one properly understands its meaning and the ones who do are simply gifted with hate, lies, cheating and mistrust. So much for falling in love with someone you fell ‘weak in the knees’ for!

But, we won’t be giving any ‘relationship\shit advice here… we are here to highlight what went wrong for some couples…

Here are some Revenge Stories After A Breakup that are sure to give you the heebie-jeebies! We will not be revealing any names and locations for anonymity.

Break-Up Sex

Well, in this case the couple had already broken up when the girl found her boyfriend to be cheating on her. She planned to seek her revenge in the nastiest way possible… she had pity breakup sex with him and took the condom home with her… She carefully extracted the semen from the latex and paid a woman some hefty cash to have this guy’s baby (via sperm implantation) and torment him for eternity for alimony. Now that’s called revenge! :O

Apple Fan boy? – No more!

So there was this couple in the US which was all lovey-dovey until all hell broke loose. The guy was constantly beating her for her rejection towards non-consensual sex. Well, he didn’t rape her or anything but kicked her out of the house they were living-in together.

She somehow snuck-in into the house from a window and decided to first dump into a bathtub and then douse into flames all his Apple products that he had so painstakingly collected – sweet! 😛

Girl Got Owned!

In this case, the girl was constantly flirting with other men, even after constantly pledging her love to her boyfriend and intending to marry him later on. Sadly, her shenanigans proved unworthy.

Her boyfriend decided to set things straight, not only did he file a lawsuit against her for cheating him out of his money, he also managed to take whatever assets she had thanks to a pre-nuptial agreement they had signed before marriage. – AWE-TO-THE-SOME! 😀

A Story From India

This is the case of a girl from rural India where a guy bespoke of his love towards her but never really proposed to her properly. Yes, they were in a relationship, but the ‘feel’ was missing. The guy simply wanted to marry her for her money.

The girl slowly realized the situation and since her daddy was a honcho in the Police department, she filed a case of rape against this guy. The case fell through in the long run due to lack of evidence, but the lesson she taught the guy to not mess with her was FANTASTIC! 😉 😛

I Sold The House, Mister!

This is a pretty common revenge in the US. When wives find out that the husband they ‘oh so love’ is not on a business trip but actually running around with a floozie, they simply decide to sell off the house and use the money for fighting the divorce case – BEAUTY WITH BRAINS! Not only does the husband not have a house anymore to bed the floozie in, he also loses everything in one jiffy thanks to an extra-marital affair! 😉

Once a breakup happens, for most couples-that-were, hate crimes and revenges are now a common factor. The one who got hurt more thinks that hurting the betrayer is the ultimate satisfaction – little do they know that ‘ignoring’ and ‘throwing those memories into the dustbin works better.

After all, what wasn’t meant to be is a lesson for you not to fall for someone at all – work hard, earn a living, which matters more!

Love, marriage, and sex, these are all secondary!

Revenges are now old, ‘ignoring’ and ‘having the same amount of fun’ is the new trend! Try it and post in comments how you felt to ignore your ex and manage life perfectly fine without them. Also, post a revenge story of your own if you have any. 😉

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