Rape – When Animals Fell Prey To Sexually Frustrated Humans

The rapists are those horrific predators of the society who wouldn’t even spare the innocent animals. Oh yes, animals don’t wear anything and that is the reason they got raped right?

Sex and rape – the most baffling subject in India…highly ignored and supremely misconstrued.

The topic is not understood and the heinous crimes going on become some debate topics. The problem is the issue of the crime here and yes the mentality of the rapists is something that has to be questioned.

Sexuality is misunderstood and that leads to gruesome crimes.

Sex isn’t rape and rape is a crime. This primary thing needs to be understood to get the psyche of the criminals.

Criminals don’t restrict to only girls. The rapists are those horrific predators of the society who wouldn’t even spare the innocent animals.

Yes the psyche of the rapists is so damn sickening that even animals have fallen prey to these sexually frustrated ba***rds.

Here is a list of gruesome rape cases against animals:

December 2004: Cow raped and stabbed

In a country where cow is worshipped, two men sexually screwed a cow.


The incident happened in South Delhi’s Tughlaqabad area.

The two men tied the cow’s legs to a tractor and even tied its snout, raped the cow and stabbed it repeatedly after committing the gruesome crime.

Understanding the plight of the victim especially a rape victim is always a highly debatable topic in our country. Hence it is not really a news to me when I read about the reports of the police not ready to register the complaint when the cow’s owner went to the police station.

It is only after the outburst from the mob that the complaint was lodged.

August 2009: Dog was raped by a taxi driver

Mahesh Kamat – a taxi driver from Mumbai was arrested for raping a dog.


If you thought the mind baffling part was the fact someone could go so sick in life then you would be shocked to hear the citations he based his bail plea on.

He said he should be given bail as the police can’t take the victim’s statement into record.

Of course blame the victim for not knowing Hindi. Wonderful country we are living in where people even have the guts to make such statements.

He said the charge wasn’t applicable to him as he was charged of having sex with a ‘stray’ dog and not a pet one.

July 2013: Buffalo raped by a man in his early 40s

The incident happened in Porandla village, Telangana.

The man tied the legs of the buffalo when its owner was asleep and had sex with it.

Based on the owner’s complaint the police then registered the case.

November 2013: Another rape case of a dog

52yr old Hanumant Datta Mane was arrested for raping a dog at his residence in Narayan Peth, Pune.

According to reports he dragged a white female dog at his residence. A poor animal was subjected to the inhuman side of the so called human.

A little more information would actually make you wonder the thought process that might go on in the minds of these people. Is it sheer desperation? An act of sexual frustration…no clue really.

This man was reported to be married with 2 sons and 3 married daughters…his family hailing from Karnataka.

Even 2014 saw some ‘unnatural sex’ in the most gruesome possible ways.

September 2014: One and a half year old calf sexually assaulted by four men.

The incident is super shocking.

4 men from the Labor Colony in Majoor Village, Karnataka sexually assaulted one and a half year old calf.

October 2014: Bestiality recorded on CCTV, cow raped by a youth

The incident was recorded in the Kattikulam village in Kerala. 24yr old youth sexually assaulting a cow.

The cow’s owner had become suspicious of the crime as he noticed injuries on the cow’s vagina and rope marks on her hind legs. To catch the culprit he recorded him in the act in CCTV cameras.

When we ask women the kinds of questions for being raped…do we have any explanation for these cases???

Oh yes, animals don’t wear anything and that is the reason they got raped right?

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