These Are The Non-Sexual Things in Guys That Tempt Women Sexually

Non sexual things

Non sexual things – There is a lot that someone’s physical appearance has to say. A guy who radiates X-factor will automatically catch fancy of women. Women in general are maniacal about bearded men because they feel a tingling sexual sensation from looking at bearded men.

While having a beard adds to your machoism, there are a lot of things that might induce a woman’s carnal desires for you and you will be completely jaw-dropped to know how mundane those things are. When you see a woman stealing glances at you, be very sure that something non-sexual yet sexual might have been the magnet for her.

Wondering what? read on below to know:

Non sexual things –

1 – Your rolled up sleeves:

Yes, you read it right, rolled up sleeves can really be tempting for women. Full sleeves shirts are dime a dozen and the x-factor doubles up when you roll the sleeves up a tad. The slightly exposed part of your hand and the body hair might leave a woman gasping.

2 – Your smile:

A man’s smile is his biggest accessory, it reflects the benevolence of his heart and the woman who has eye for beauty will completely want to collect your smile in a jar. You can sow your old oats if you are gifted with a smile that seems like dazzling diamonds.

3 – Your chivalry:

Do you like to pull the chair for your woman or open the car door for her? then you my dear, are in the right track because it has a huge draw among women. A girl would kill for a guy who brings her flowers on every meet and pledges to buy the biggest diamond for her or simply treats her like a princess. It is sexy and chivalrous and makes a man, man!

4 – Your intelligence:

Handsome appearance is nothing when you don’t have an intelligent mind, or gift of the gab for that matter. You have to have good oratory skills and knowledge to make a woman swoon over you. Intelligent women will always be ignited by intellect of a man rather than dumb beauty.

5 – Your sense of humour:

Well, this is just an extension of the previous pointer because it needs sheer intelligence to be sarcastic. Sense of humour is sense of proportion and it is not everybody’s wheelhouse. You have to make your girl smile a lot before she gives her nod to physical intimacy.

6 – Your eyes:

This goes without saying that women with gorgeous eyes can sweep men out off their feet effortlessly but it has equal impact on women too who are hypnotised by the sensual eyes of a man. A man that possesses sensual eyes will have a huge draw among women. That’s that.

These are Non sexual things – So dear men, be yourself and don’t try hard, if you have these above qualities, women will be genuinely attracted towards you.

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