You Will Be Surprised To Know What People Did On 1st Jan, 2015

There are some people who spent 1st of Jan from going outdoors to the morning raga. Click to know how people actually chose various alternatives to kickstart #HNY2015 on the very first day.

If I ask how you spent your 31st night, I am sure to get brilliant responses.

But if I were to ask about the way you guys spent the day of 1st January, 2015 then in the most cases the mind is sure to go on a ‘Ghajini’ style memory loss.

Yes 1st, January; the day for which the entire celebration is about is more of a hangover day rather than a New Year’s Day.

Somehow the day of 1st Jan skips between the party plans and the party on 31st Dec night to the time of coming back to senses by 2nd Jan.

However there are some people who actually spend 1st of Jan in their unique ways.

Below are some examples of how India spent 1st of Jan, 2015:

Royal Calcutta Turf Club witnessed over 20,000 footfalls on the New Year’s Day. The people were cheering, placing bets, of course enjoying the food and music too. 

Apart from just being the first day of the New Year, 1st of January also happened to be Thursday. That meant a very auspicious day for many religious people.

People usually throng to Sai Baba temples on Thurdays.

As per reports many Mumbaikars decided to visit Sai Baba temples on the 1st day of 2015 with Shirdi topping the list of the number of footfalls.

Many Mumbaikars even chose to hit the most romantic place where you won’t be bothered for kissing in public. A newlywed couple chose Bandstand, Bandra as an auspicious venue to start the year with love.

Bandra post #NYE is worth visiting as the decorations and the lighting are still on. Spending the morning of 1st January is a blissful experience in Bandra.

Many considered this day to deliver babies.

From Sion Hospital in Mumbai delivering more than 30 babies to Civil Hospital in Ludhiana the joy was double for these mothers.

Apart from a journey to the next year it also witnessed a journey to a new phase of their lives.

Bollywood playback singer Yashita Sharma welcomed the first rays of the New Year on the terrace.

People grooved to the song ‘Chandaniya’ from ‘2 States’ as the singer was seated there enticing everyone to her melodious voice.

So from going outdoors to the morning raga people actually chose various alternatives to kickstart #HNY2015 on the very first day. 

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