Dope, Sex And Booze! Is That The Slogan For Youth?


No, I am not going to start a preachy lecture about how the youth of the country should lead their lives! Ours is a free country and everyone is free to lead their lives the way they want without hurting anyone. As simple as that!

But what we need to ask ourselves is, are we living the way we are supposed to? Every day we claim our rights on freedom of speech, freedom to live, freedom for this, freedom for that etc. How many of us actually value that freedom though? If you look around, more and more youngsters, the so-called future of our country, are found to be enjoying dope, sex and booze, more than sharing their responsibilities towards their own lives! Let’s not talk about responsibility towards family, friends, society or nation! It is all about their life, their decisions, and their way of conducting themselves with no concern about how their actions are impacting others!

Some people might argue that the nation is in the dumps, there are no jobs, and youth is sitting idle even after education so their actions are justified. I am sorry, but I tend to disagree with such lame excuses. Those who deserve are getting jobs. Those who have worked on their skill sets are landing up working for the best organisations. Those who are bringing discipline in their life are achieving their dreams, no matter how fast or slow the process is!

It is a sad state to watch youngsters idling their time away criticising the society and the system instead of doing something substantial about it. Change doesn’t happen overnight and only by posting your views on social media, don’t expect change to happen.

It starts with oneself!

Bring a change in your thought process, be responsible for your actions and try to do something that is within your reach to make a change. No one is expecting a single man or a woman to act like a superhero and rid our country of all the ailments. Instead, take small steps, the steps that bring change, albeit in a slow manner, but those that are long-lasting changes.

It is the state of the society that party songs celebrating alcohol consumption, drugs and sex are ruling the charts! No, the movies are not feeding the society, it’s vice versa! The demand is generating supply and we are happily grabbing what’s being offered to us. It is cool these days to have competitions about how much can one drink in one night or how many sex-sessions can one have at one go. Does that help improve life? Does that bring a positive change in your life? Sadly, the answer is a big NO!

Let’s try and enjoy life, but only after we have discharged our duties towards life with utmost sincerity.

It is only one life guys; don’t waste it on temporary sources of entertainment.

Enjoy them, but enjoy your life too and life is not just dope, sex and booze!

It is much more than that; just scratch the surface and find out how it can be more fun without falling into the trappings of short-lived fun!

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