Virar to Andheri and Back Commute ‘“ The Kinds of People You See in the Train

As a rail user, you will definitely find these kinds of people at peak hours during daytime and in the evening.

The everyday ridership on the Western Line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway is over three million.

If you are one of these commuters, you will come across people with diverse personalities, who make your travelling experience less stressful.

Usually, I travel in Virar-Andheri locals, as somewhere in the midst is my workplace.

While commuting, I observe the populace that travels with me. This gives me an insight into different human emotions (…and the idea to write an article like this one).

As a rail user, you will definitely find these kinds of people at peak hours during daytime and in the evening.


The Footboard Romeos

This lot is the first one you come across when you board an Andheri-bound train from Virar. They are so busy engaged in their chats that people boarding the compartment have to brush against them. These Romeos are the ones who have made life hell for women travelling in trains. While not every individual is the same, usually it is the Romeos and the bullies taking up the spot on the footboard.

The Groups

People, who travel alone, often see groups as a nuisance. Firstly, they “reserve” (another annoyance in the country) multiple seats for their mates, in the process preventing anyone else from occupying them. Once they are well settled then come the loud chats, friendly pushing among each other and the abuses…literally. Moreover, most groups exchange seats among their members, leading the others to remain standing till their destination arrives.

The Bhajan Groups

This group is different from the one stated above, as they come well-equipped. Well-equipped with what, you ask? Read…damaru, manjira, tabla and stainless steel plates. Imagine standing in a crowded train compartment and listening to their bhajans for the next 58 minutes. “Hey, don’t you have a small’ temple at home where you can pay your tributes to the Almighty?”

The Hummers

No. I am not talking about the four-wheeler. You cannot fit a Hummer inside a train…duh! This title belongs to the murmuring crowd that either recited its daily prayers or songs from its favourite Bollywood movies. The ones that enumerate prayers close their eyes (dhyaan…remember?) while their lips are in motion. A funny sight indeed! YouTube!

The Gossipers

I personally prefer standing beside one of these gangs. More often than not, these individuals are college-going students, who have the juiciest gossips that range from their personal life to Bollywood and sports. If you fail to remain updated with the daily events, find one of these groups to stand next to.


Crowds travelling in the evenings are usually worn out from their day’s work. This also means they have to fight for a seat in a Virar-bound train from Andheri. At this time of the hour, you will witness an entirely different facet of the commuters.

The Sleeping Beauties

Obviously tired from their office duties, the last thing on people’s mind is standing in the aisle. They fight their way in and find their seat to….sleep. Yes, that is what they do. Where some pretend to sleep, others genuinely embrace the siesta. On your not-so-good day, you can see drools dangling from the side of people’s mouth making their way into their shirt pocket.

The Leechers

Alright, they are not leechers literally. But have you ever seen someone staring into your phone or your tablet device while you watched a movie or chatted with someone? These people get their pleasure from such sources rather than trying themselves.

The Vegetable Dicers

This sight is usually witnessed in the Ladies’ compartment, where working women carry their share of veggies and chop them inside the moving train. To chop the vegetables, you will see them pull out a cutting board and a knife. A knife! Inside a train! If you are sitting beside one of these women, you risk at being pelted by some veggie particles.


Again, you will usually find them in the Ladies’ compartment and sometimes in the General compartment. If you are standing at the footboard, expect their fish baskets brushing against you. If it is a bad day, the water from their fish basket will drip on your clothes, and I dare you to engage in an argument with them. You will lose!

Even with all these “discomforts”, commuting between Virar and Andheri is fun. All you have to do is find your share of pastime.

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