What Does This Ad Of CarTrade.com Even Imply??

Car Trade Dog Ad Review

Initially refrained to do a review on this commercial for CarTrade.com… the fact that this irritating ad is still running on TV is baffling me to where the fate of advertisements in our country is going.

No I don’t intend to talk about the creativity that might have gone in the making of this disaster.

Well creativity is subjective but this ad is just wrong on so many levels.

Car Trade Dog Ad Review – The tremendous blunder in the Ad –

What was the need for the comparison between humans and dogs???

What did they intend to imply? Humans are dogs?

Please note I am not speaking low of any species over here. Dogs and humans both are equally lovely species.

The problem with the ad is the pointless comparison between the two species. They played on the stereotype slang used in a situation where the term ‘dog/kutta’ is used as an abuse.

So yes if any lines are crossed then it is by them…trying to associate dog as an abuse.

The ad starts with the line, “Main Rocky…idhar udhar har car ke peeche bhaagta rehta hoon…”

This is very similar to the saying in Hindi, ‘Kutte ki tarah dum hilaake peeche bhaagna’.

Seriously wasn’t there a better way to put across the message? Why the entire angle of dog was given at the first place is beyond my comprehension.

The message is you don’t have to stress and run around places to find options for used cars instead you can view the online store of range of cars and the deals in CarTrade.com

We animate objects in ads at times to create a visual effect but relating dogs to humans was a complete disaster.

It is an insult to both dogs as well as humans.

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