Beware Of The Ones Who Can Make Your Relations Go Sour!

Third party in relation

Every relationship experiences its own phase of complications. When you care about that one person the bond you both share can be extremely strong yet vulnerable. There is a constant fear of losing the person you love.

We fight and pour our hearts out only to that person because that person is close to the heart. Love is a rare gift and hence you would find lots of bad influences around you trying to create a rift between you both.

The influencers need not be a distant person, he/ she would most of the times be someone very close to you.

It may be a prank or a time pass affair for your friends but it can lead to a growing discomfort in your relation.

I am not denying that friends aren’t important but as they have their own level of importance in your life, you partner also deserves the equal amount of respect and care.

When you are going through a rough patch in your relation even the slightest of comments tend to add fuel to the fire. Most of the fights in a relation are due to a third party and that third party exists in all forms.

It may be a mother-in-law, close friend, parent, sister, etc. – basically anyone close to you. They might be having the best intentions for your life but really no one has the right to influence your relation.

Nobody would understand the bond you share with your partner other than you both.

If someone genuinely cares for you then they would fight all odds to make you meet your lover.

But there are many people to influence you otherwise when your relation is seeing the low. It may even be your best buddy who has a secret desire for you but could never speak a word.

Third party in relation

Third party in a relation

In the above still from the movie ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’, Emran Hashmi is shown to be carrying the bad boy image but his love for the lady is pure and honest. The best friend played by Sonu Sood has a very good image and she looks up to him for matters important to her.

You definitely need to beware of such introverts as you never know what their secret intention is.

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