World’s Top Five Smartest People, No Einstein Is Not Number 1.

Smartest people

Smartest people – The life in the modern-day world has become so easy; you can just sit back and get things to you with just a click online. They are almost everyone that considers themselves lucky for having things done so easily! But have you ever wondered who is the smartest  of all on this planet?!

Well, they may be many perceptions and opinions. But here, we got you the world’s top five smartest people as per the IQ levels evaluated by the American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims. His evaluation led to the attainment of the ‘Top five smartest people’. Check who all have their names in the list?

Libb Thims made the list possible only after careful evaluation as per the IQ test, under the various aspects like the aptitude, accomplishments etc.

Smartest people –

  1. Johann Goethe [1749 – 1832]

Not that easy to top the list. But it can be totally imagined what the place’s worth is. Here, the list is topped by Johann Goethe – a German polymath, writer and the last man on this planet to know everything. The IQ levels of Goethe ranged between 210 to 225 that was accomplished by considering certain set up standards and measure. He is the founder of the theory of ‘human chemistry’. His order works include poetic drama, autobiography, memoirs and ‘Faust’ that is widely read even today.

  1. Albert Einstein [1879 – 1955]

The world’s favorite and the man that needs no introduction, in fact. This German born physicist is well-known for being the developer of the ‘Theory of relativity’, which later led to the development of the atomic bomb. Einstein is also famously known for his equation that is known as the ‘World’s famous equation’. Well, the IQ level of Einstein ranged from 205 to 225.

  1. Leonardo Da Vinci [1452 – 1519]

Widely well-known as the ‘Best painter of all time. He is regarded as the father of architecture, paleontology. He is the one person that is uniquely talented in various aspects like mathematician, engineer, painter, writer, botanist, inventor and the list goes on and on. He has IQ scores that range from 180 to 220.

  1. Isaac Newton [1642 – 1727]

Well known for the law of gravitational force. This English physicist is the most influential scientists of all the times. He also made foundation for the classic mechanics. Sir Issac Newton’s IQ scores ranged from 190 to 200.

Smartest people

  1. James Maxwell [1831 – 1879]

James Maxwell, the Scottish mathematician laid down the foundation of the famous ‘Quantum theory’. He is very well known for the formulation of the electromagnetic radiation. Last but not the least; Maxwell’s IQ score was between 190 to 205.

Smartest people

These were all the top five Smartest people! Well, over whelmed on knowing the world’s top five smartest people as per the different parameters set up by Libb Thims. He regarded that anything above the scale of 130 was high. This was an eye opener in real. Thanx to Libb Thims.

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