Most accepted justifications for not casting vote

Well, you’re still residing in a developing nation and if you still choose not to vote, then think of a better idea than democracy.

So when you were in school, you believed voting is your right and not a responsibility, so you can decide not to exercise your right and sit around posting vigorous facebook statuses about how the administration screwed you over. Well, I’m apologetic to break it to you but your justification is worse than Tusshar Kapoor in any of his movies.

We are an uncaring generation of people with an awful attention span and a burst for public anger. We are also extremely imaginative when it comes to giving justifications for avoiding responsibly.  Below are the most in fashion reasons for not casting vote:

1) All the political parties are crooked; I don’t want to add to the dirt

Please adjust the halo that you’ve fabricated in your quite insipid mind and lock it securely as there is also an option of – RIGHT.TO.REJECT. Also, have you heard of proxy voting? Let’s first teach you about the arrangement before you can start to complain about it.

2) The polling booth is very far

You know the roads you’re criticizing about, the potholes, the lack of parking space? You could in fact grumble about it if the person you nominated didn’t meet your needs but because you didn’t cast vote and you don’t have a voted representative, please go sob mutely in some corner.

3) The queue is very long, the people there are strange and it’s too hot

You have no difficulty voting for irrelevant reality show unknowns but the queue is too long when it really matters?

4) If I am a citizen, I must just be able to turn up and vote. I don’t concur with the registration procedure.

We don’t even! Development didn’t concur with you.

5) I am too busy, I have to go to the gym and do *unimportant tasks*

What will you going to do when you can’t pay for the protein shakes your biceps so badly want? So, go and vote.

6) This country is being ruled by the dogs, I just don’t care anymore!

If you’re questioning about who is accountable for the miserable state of affairs, just take a walk to the mirror near you and you will find the answer.

7) I did instead go for a movie in the free time

Well done! You and those political leaders have more in similar. They’d also instead tear you off than work for your advantage. You could have elected someone who would’ve done something but what’s better than a senseless movie!

Well, you’re still residing in a developing nation and if you still choose not to vote, then think of a better idea than democracy.

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