Advantages Of Not Knowing Cooking

Advantages of not knowing cooking – Not knowing cooking can actually turn to a great advantage. Nobody expects you to cook anything for them.

Cooking is an art, an art that is really needed for survival.

What if a person doesn’t know cooking at all?

Well it is such an art that benefits even those who don’t possess the culinary skills.


When a person cooks one cooks with love. What is the entire point of that love if it isn’t shared at all?

The best form we all may be aware of is the ‘Maa ka Pyaar’. Nothing can ever match the standards of the homemade mom’s food.

Not knowing cooking can actually turn to be a boon.

You will be pampered. Caring mother or doting husband might pamper you and cook awesome delicacies for you.

Just imagine wouldn’t it be romantic that your husband gets your morning breakfast on the bed?

People who love cooking also love serving their loved ones. It is the best experience to indulge into their recipes and relish the delicacy. Let your loved ones spoil you.

You even get to go on several dinner dates. Since you don’t know cooking and your husband needs a break, you get to go on those dates quite often.

What if you don’t have that special person around?

That would actually give you a reason to venture out and dig in different joints.

You get first-hand information on various restaurants and who knows you might just make it a profession.

If the restaurants are too expensive then hit the chaats and food joints. India is famous for its street food culture. Every corner there would be a stall and you can relish the street joints.

Such a cool profession to hang out at different places and try the recipes! If you don’t like rate it bad. Food reviewing can be your thing.

Since you don’t cook your kitchen is always clean, no dish washing and stains in the utensils.

Not knowing cooking can actually turn to a great advantage.

Relatives love you:

We have a great custom of taking really good care of the guests in India.

Whenever you visit your aunt’s place, compliment on her cooking skills and she will serve you the paratha with extra butter.

Your mother-in-law knows you are going to screw it up and hence she prefers cooking herself. Her several attempts to teach you cooking backfires as you end up screwing so much that the entire kitchen is at a mess.

She understands you are better away from kitchen.

A big excuse to not indulge in the ladies kitty parties and the sessions with mother-in-law as nobody expects you to cook anything for them.

Last but not the least if there is ever a situation where you might starve to death then always carry a packet of ‘Maggi’ noodles. It always works.

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