Yoyos Was Banned In Syria 1933 As It Causes Drought. Is It True?

Syria 1933

To find the fact hiding behind the banning of the Yoyos it is essential to find the drought history of  Syria 1933. The severity of the drought was intense due to low rainfall. According to the scientists, the climatic condition was responsible for no rainfall in the country. But the history speaks different, it says that after the banning of the Yoyos, there was rainfall in the country.

Condition of Syria 1933 due to Drought

The condition of the people, animals, and villages worsened in Syria. That was the time when cattle were suffering from diseases, and there was no crop growth. Millions of villagers suffered due to no water or rainfall in Syria. As the lands were drying up it was the properties of land and crops were damaged. Leading to no food and turning the condition into drought.

The strange part of the drought was that there was no heat but the effect of cold was the part of the damage. Both lacks of rainfall and severe cold in Syria made it unbearable for the people to survive in the land. The agricultural sector was totally destroyed.

It was the time when people in large numbers migrated from one place to another. Migration in a massive manner led to socio-economic tensions. The condition of Syria at that stage had worsened with a water shortage.

Syria 1933

How was YoYo predicted to be the evil object?

When the country was under massive problems, it was then people found only one way to trace a miracle. They started praying to God following all kinds of rituals. The only way was to pray and wait for the day to rain. No rain in the country points to a punishment for the people. Therefore while they were praying it was the time when a strange prediction led to the banning of Yoyos.

Yo-yo is one of the common games that kids enjoyed playing on streets, on roads, and in homes. The popularity of yoyo was high at that time. But due to the drought, the use and playing of Yo yo were brought to an end. When the playing object suddenly fell down into the hands of a person while praying to the Lord. They believed that people using Yoyo had been annoying their God. And the drought is the result of their disappointment and anger.

Immediately the playing of Yoyo was banned by the Prime minister of Syria. Anyone seen playing was ordered to be penalized. The best part of banning Yoyo in the Syria 1933 drought was the rainfall was immediately the next day. Though there is no valid reasoning or connection found between the rainfall and the ban on the yoyo games. But the trust and belief of the people cannot be challenged. As immediately the rain started the day after the playing object was stopped in the country.

No kids were allowed to play with Yoyo after 1933. Even after years the country still faces problems related to rainfall and scarcity of water.  The reason is believed to be the changes in the weather conditions.

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