Why Was There A Need Of The “Me Too” Movement?

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Me Too words are simple and straight that describes the similar sufferings of one person to another. Mostly this movement was for the survivors of the abuses and sexual harassment. Women have been the main focus on behalf of which the #Me Too movement was initiated. There are millions in the world who have supported these movements.

It can be from the richest to the poorest countries having supported, as somewhere and somehow women have been victims of sexual abasements. Even the developed countries victims suffer, though in such cases it can be marginalized groups.

Why Me Too movement?

The call was to develop a safer environment for people. They should be free from the fear of sexual assaults when in the workplace or with family. Days have worsened when people are not safe with friends and families. Abuses at workplaces are nothing new with employees. The main aim of the movement was to make a better place and stand against sexual harassment.

The movement has brought several changes and created awareness among the people. It has been difficult for most of the victims, irrespective of gender to get justice. In order to reduce the violence, and other related risks have been advantages.

But the higher rate of victims is women, about 54 percent of American women have complained about inappropriate behaviors. Most of such people are left without taking any strict actions against them. Victims generally do not get any justice even after complaining to the heads of the departments.

Responses to the movement were from all parts of the country. In countries, such as Nigeria women have expressed their weakness being a patriarchal society. Complaining against men was an extremely difficult task against any kind of harassment. The protest was from the dancers, musicians, and actresses of different countries.

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Changes due to the Me Too movement

Responses were from different parts of the country, which enabled to provide justice to a 7-year-old girl of Pakistan. Zainab was raped in 2018 when the protests were expressed by the me Too on different platforms. 14 to 20 years of imprisonment was given to the assailant with a penalty of one million rupees.

Protection for the employees

Domestic workers or farm workers had less scope to explain their issues related to abuses. Most of the contractors were not under the laws of the state. It was after the me Too movement that small businesses and contractors having less than 15 were provided the protections under the sexual harassment law in America.

Me Too movement helped 3600 people to justice

After the Time’s up a group of Hollywood working women started to revolt against the abuses. They worked together to support the survivors especially the low group or marginalized workers. They raised a fund of $24 million and helped more than 3600 victims to get legal support for justice.

Survivors receiving financial support

While the Michigan State University had introduced a fund of $500 million as a settlement fund against the harassment case of Larry Nassar. Each survivor was given an amount of $250,000 to $ 2.5 million each.

Americans have been observing several cases of crimes and abuses after me Too movement awareness. Though it was started by Tarana Burke, it gained popularity after 10 years.

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