Why Australian People Stay And Sleep Underground in the Desert?

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The Desert of Coober Pedy is one of the hottest places in Australia that withstands the highest temperature during the summer. Australian people being the locals in this area have to make their space underground to protect themselves from the severe heat of the sun. The temperature of the sun during the summertime may rise to 120 degrees which is difficult to bear. This is the reason the underground provision has been built to experience low heat. Even in shades, the temperature is minimum to 35 degrees which is not tolerable on consistent exposure. 

About more than 1700 local Australian people are staying underground to prevent the heat in the scorchy summer. Dust storms are common in the area of the Coober Pedy. 

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Underground homes By Australian People

Homes are beautifully arranged with bedrooms, washrooms, a kitchen, and living rooms. There is a small city underground in the desert which consists of all the amenities. The unsuitable place with the chilling moonlight at night and the unbearable summer heat of the desert encouraged them to build their houses under the desert sands. 

The expansion of the underground city has led to the creation of swimming pools, bars, and hotels. Apart from the local bars and restaurants it also has churches for them to pray. A small city in the Coober Pedy is habitable and people are enjoying their best lifestyles similar to other cities. Spaces for playing sports that can be indoor are possible in the underground desert of the Coober Pedy. 

What about daily shopping or marketplaces? Walking in the desert till far places there are no shops except the mirages on the sand. But just below the ground is a complete place with shops and markets that enable people to meet their regular requirements. Book stalls, stationeries, and grocery stalls are present in the small underground city of Coober Pedy. 

This Australian town is underground. People return from work and school regularly to their homes. The temperature below is consistent throughout the year that maintains to 22 degrees. 


Australian people are miners in Coober Pedy

It has been years that people are staying underground in the desert. The miners and diggers have found the place for the availability and selling of Opals. Coober Pedy is considered the Opal Capital of the World. Miners who stay here in the area dig out opals that are sold all over the world. 

This desert may be rich in the extraction of minerals, but the climate conditions are not all suitable for the miners. In 1915 they decided to find out a way to survive and work at the same time in the areas of the hot sands. 

To overcome the problem of surviving in the unbalanced temperature the miners constructed the underground town. Cutting the rocks underground to shape the walls to form rooms with all possible commodities has made it the best. People can easily resist and protect themselves from sun heat, chilled temperature, and dust storms. Australian people of the desert can go to mining work and return home to have a sound sleep. 

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