Myths About Condoms You Need To Flush Down The Toilet Soon

Myths about condom – Condoms help us practice safe sex. However, there are certain so-called facts that do not help couples in any way. These, basically, are myths and need to be done away with as soon as possible.

When you look at the larger picture, you will understand the importance of the thin piece of rubber men wear on their penis during sex that we know as a condom.

It helps us practice safe sex and protects us from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

People indulge in sex not only for progeny’s sake, but also to cater to their sexual needs. We know the significance of wearing a condom during sex, but there are certain myths about the same that are embarrassing.

Here is a list of some of the most ludicrous condom myths that you need to stop believing in at once –


Myth #1: Condoms Are 100% Safe


Condoms being completely safe is one of the most common myths that men and women equally believe in. If you believe in numbers, know that condoms are only 99.6% effective. 98 out of 100 women are sure of not getting pregnant with the use of a condom. Nonetheless, taking chances is not advisable and having a backup in the form of birth control like diaphragm or a pill can be helpful.


Myth #2: Condom is Not Necessary if the Female Partner is on Pill


One of the reasons to use condom during sex is that it protects both individuals from sexually transmitted infections or STIs. Though the pill might prevent pregnancy, chances of the female partner contracting STIs are high, if condom is not used, as the pill does not protect her in this regard.


Myth #3: Wearing Two Condoms is Guaranteed Safety


Truthfully, wearing two condoms for “safe sex” is the worst idea to go through with. Regardless of whether the male partner decides to wear two condoms or both partners opt to wear one condom each, it is a terrible plan. The friction caused between the two condoms will eventually break them. The best choice is to wear one condom.


Myth #4: Condom Brings Discomfort


Think about this, men; wouldn’t you want to last long during sex? Wearing a condom can assist you with the same, which can be beneficial for you as well as your partner. If you think condoms are boring, think about the varieties available in them. Based on yours or your partner’s preference, you can find them in different shapes, textures, colours and flavours.


Myth #5: Women Carrying Condoms Are “Bad Girls”


Women share the common feeling when it comes to safe sex. Females carrying condoms does not mean they crave for someone to hook up with. Men do carry condoms usually, but on instances when they do not have one, women can offer them one from their selection and enjoy the moment.


Myth #6: Men Should Be Responsible for Carrying Condoms


This is another ridiculous connotation that bugs men. Women can carry condoms, too, which shows their responsible side. By taking control of the situation, females appear more mature and responsible.


Myth #7: Using Any Lubricant with Condoms is Fine


It is important for you to know that condoms are susceptible to products with oil. You might think of Vaseline as an ideal lubricant for sex, but it is bound to backfire. Instead, you can use your saliva which is generated naturally. Females must also wipe off their lipstick, as it has oil as an ingredient.


Myth #8: You Do Not Need Condom for Oral Sex


The misconception of using condoms just for intercourse is the reason why many couples end up with one sexually transmitted disease or another. Not using a condom during oral sex makes them vulnerable to gonorrhoea, a contagious disease, chlamydia and herpes.

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