Tibet is Known As the Roof of the World. Why?

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According to the studies on plateaus of Tibet, the geologists have mentioned the Lithosphere action below the plateau. The formation of the plateaus due to the movement of the surface may be due to earthquakes that have given rise to the plateau which has a height of 4599 meters to 5000 meters above sea level. This is the reason that Tibet is known as the “roof of the world”. The thickening of the plateau continues to rise the land day by day.   

The main reason for the movement of the Tibet plateaus may be due to the Sichuan earthquake. Geologists have also mentioned that the parts of the land may be rising while some parts may be sinking. Despite the geographical changes Tibet has versatile beauty of culture and nature. 

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 Tectonic forces on the roof of the world

The syntax slowly moved from one part of the eastern Himalayas to the western part of the Tarim basin. River Tarim basin is an important part of China’s economy. The growing of the cotton crops and the river supplies water, acts as the best mode of irrigation to the local people of China, Tarim basin area. 

The tectonic forces have been responsible for the development of the highest plateau. The Indian plate has been responsible for the growth. It is about 50 million years ago that the tectonic forces caused a sudden increase under the lithosphere. Now, the lithosphere is slowly underthrusting and moving towards the northern part. 

High temperature, the wave speed with low mantle seismic conditions led to the collision of the colliding plates several years ago. The displacements of the positions of the plates led to system displacements with high intense seismic anisotropy. 

Beauty exists on the roof of the world, Tibet

Tibet is also known as the land of snow due to the covering during the winter. The place of monks and monasteries also withstands the beauty of nature. Flora and fauna growing with the mountains and lakes around make it a tourist attraction. 

Tibet has been blessed with the surroundings of two popular mountains K2 and the Himalayas. Not only, do the plateaus have nature’s beauty but also have their distinctive culture. The roof of the world, Tibet has been also popular for Thangra paintings, and its food. Tibetans have unique cuisines and their hospitality is a part of the culture. 

Plateaus covered with white snow, Tibet is known as the “King of the snow mountains”. Unique animals are seen in this zone of highest plateaus. Such as the Snow Leopards are seen in the snowy parts of Tibet. 

Culture of Tibet

The geographical zones of Tibet are entirely distinctive and so the culture also varies. Buddhism is the main religion that prevails by the influences of the Bon Tradition. The practices are based on animals and the shamanistic. 

The culture and the place are remote due to its geographical conditions. Though it has been popular due to its changes due to the lithospheric materials and collisions of the plates underthrust. It has added value, Tibet is phenomenal. The remote landscape is beautiful as the roof of the world is also known for the highest peak around. 

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