Bold Movies That Broke The Censor Rules In Bollywood!

movies that broke the censor rules
There are a lot of inhibitions when we are generally talking about the taboos, the dos, and the don’ts.
The world, today, is moving in a fast pace speed that requires even the society to move forward and along with the generation, unless it wants to get trampled upon!
The similar reasoning applies on the Bollywood industry as well, as we move on and along the time zone, its the duty of the authority to transform certain rules of the censor board to accept the changes in the projection of certain movies and its topics of interest that are otherwise considered, taboo or sensitive to the eyes of society!
We don’t go to the movies as a society but as an individual with sound intellectual curiosity and logical ideals!
We can very well distinguish between right and wrong!
Here are some of the bold movies that broke the censor rules apart in Bollywood:
Movies that broke the censor rules –
1) Black Friday (2004)
Subjectivly adapted from the famous book Black Friday – The True Story of the Bombay Bomb Blasts by S Hussain Zaidi, Anurag Kashyap’s this movie was termed as too dark to be released in India. The movie received a stay order from The Bombay High Court because of the 1993 Bombay blasts case and remained slated-to-release until the trial got over.
Movies That Broke The Censor Rules In Bollywood
2) Parzania (2005)
Parzania cut open wide all the wounds of Gujarat’s scarred past, as well as faced backlash yet appreciation in equal amounts. The film was based on an excellent plot that subjected around a boy called Azhar who goes missing during the Gujarat riots in the year 2002. Even though the film was applauded with a National Award, its cinematic appeal was not up to the mark, enough for political parties to let it screen in Gujarat, where it was fiercely banned.
movies that broke the censor rules
3) Water (2005)
Water is Deepa Mehta movie that created quite a stir of controversy due to its dark insights on the life of an Indian widow. Set in a certain Ashram of Varanasi, the movie script was written by Anurag Kashyap and it as usual took up controversial issues like ostracism and misogyny which were alien to the Indian Censor Board back then. Not so surprising, the movie was widely attacked by protesters.
movies that broke the censor rules
4) Firaaq (2008)
Again an ace film that dealt with the Gujarat riots, Firaaq was reported to be based on true incidents which took place in the riot-torn Gujarat. Nandita Das was faced a lot of criticism for hurting the sentiments of Hindus and Muslims, ultimately the movie got banned. But later on a major achievement for the film was that the movie finally saw a release date and did not fail to garner quite the praiseworthy reviews from critics and audiences alike.
movies that broke the censor rules
5) Madras Café
A movie with a real background, this movie was a subject of around the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi as well as the Indian intervention in the Sri-lankan civil war. The movie faced several criticism and controversies from Tamil groups who demanded a ban on the movie.
movies that broke the censor rules
6) Murder
Although this was a super-hit but it had quite the bold scenes between the leads, Mallika Sherawat and Emraan Hashmi that left masses in shock and stirred controversies across India.
movies that broke the censor rules
7) LSD
The movie had controversies from the start till the end, our society depicted by our faithful censir board afterall, to sensitive to watch ir even hear it because the lyrics of one of the songs of this movie. A seven minute love scene from the same movie was also blurred out.
movies that broke the censor rules
These are the movies that broke the censor rules. Like we are too immature, even after beings adults!

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