AIB Or Kapil Sharma? What Sort Of Comedy Do You Think Our Generation Needs?

AIB Or Kapil Sharma

AIB Or Kapil Sharma?

Kapil Sharma and AIB, these are the two major sources of comedy for India nowadays.

Well, these people are actually doing quite well in touching our funny bones and helping us in relieving the stress.

But who do you think wins the war of being better when it comes to the decision?

Actually, they both are very different from each other in terms of comedy but have been totally misinterpreted by their audience.

Let me tell you how.

On one hand, there is Kapil Sharma with his very famous comedy night show, which is loved in every house across the nation. But what is that thing in his show that makes it a family show?

An old grandmother, which in reality is a guy who is drunk 24*7 and keeps kissing every guest? Or the aunt who is so lusty that she is ready to marry every random guy she meets? Or the way Kapil Sharma keeps insulting her wife for her looks and for money? Well, that’s all about his previous season. In his current season, he keeps on insulting the tea vendor because he is a TEA VENDOR (I wonder what’s wrong in that), his neighbor keeps hitting on her and he insults her and her dad like its nothing.

Isn’t that a wrong portrayal of women or people or isn’t that setting a bad example?

Above all, when he picks random people from the audience to ask questions from the celebs and then makes fun of their accent, looks and anything they say. And even when he has been doing all that, he has been given the prime time slot on national TV, where families watch it together and laugh every second.

So, if that’s the kind of comedy you call family comedy or healthy comedy, I wonder how?

On the other hand, there is AIB.

Yes, I totally agree that the way they started with the roast was a little too much for the Indian audience to handle but they didn’t promote it on TV or newspaper or asked you to watch it. All they did was collect around 400 people in a closed space, roasted the celebrities with a lot of bad words but at the same time, they themselves got roasted too.

After that, all they did was upload it on Youtube, a place where you watch what you want to by searching for it. Yes, these guys use a lot of abuses in their videos but isn’t that something that we come across 24*7.

Looking at the educated urban audience that they have been targeting with their videos on Youtube, there is nothing wrong in it. Moreover, these guys have either been making jokes on themselves or on social issues to present it as a satire. Whether it was the video called ‘The Times of Boobs’ or ‘The Day India Resigned’, everything came with a message presented as a satire.

Be that as it may, they have a genre of content and they have restricted it to a certain audience category, which is as responsible as anyone could be.

So, these were just my takes on these two types of comedies in India. What do you think? AIB Or Kapil Sharma ?Comment below!

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