Sounds Funny Certainly Tomato Ketchup Was Sold As Medicine In the US?

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Continental or American food the use of Ketchup is a binding to the food’s flavor. It is an add-on and also sometimes an essential item to boost the preparation. The taste of tomato ketchup is favorite of all; from the small or young ones to the old ones. In modern times tomatoes ketchup is essential for magical flavor and color but during the 1800s this was used as medicine.

Medicines in the Zen generation is no longer can be imagined to be with help of a mixture of fruits or vegetables. Herbs or other vegetables and plants apart from the chemical compositions are part of modern medicines.

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Tomato Ketchup were medicines

The inventor of Ketchup as medicine was Dr. John C Bennett, an American physician. In the 1800s when people of the US suffering from diarrhea and related to digestion problems, the easy composition of tomatoes in Ketchup was introduced. It was then sold in medicines stores for treatments of indigestion and stomach problems.

Though it seems funny and somehow a wrong way of treatment. Also few may find it as a practical joke based on it many medicines stored has made money. On contrary, this deludes seemed to be one of the natural ways to treat many health issues.

From the introduction of tomatoes, the people in the US started to add these red-colored vegetables to their food items. It may be in form of soups, or any dish, earlier the Americans believed that the vegetable was poisonous.

Earlier Ketchup was made of fish, meat products that were not suitable for stomach health. Dr. John C Bennett has introduced a medicine made of pure tomatoes. Tomatoes are the natural source of food which includes the benefits of antioxidants.

Ketchup vanished from the medicine market

After 1854 this tomato’s ketchup was no longer sold in the medicine shops. This was known as the “American hygiene pill” which indicates the improvement of food quality that did not persist in the sauce made of fish guts.

The tanginess, the flavor had captivated the production of the sauce but not for medicinal use but it was sold commercially. Home-made sauces were prepared after the immediate disappearance of the medicine in the market.

Dr. John C Bennett had encouraged adding of colored vegetables in food items. The sauce is now available in burgers, pasta, or fries to any kind of homemade food in the US.

A mixture of fish guts, spices, and different kinds of nuts, almonds, mushrooms, and oysters made the sauces difficult to digest when taken regularly. At that time of 1800s, to make a healthy sauce that can provide a good taste and serve for better health. The production and popularity of tomato sauce have seen the changes over years. Tomato ketchup stills remain the mandatory sauce worldwide ranging from Europe to different parts of Asia.

It was possible after tomatoes were mistaken as the poison was slowly presented as contrary when sold as medicines in the medical stores. Americans’ wrong thoughts were diverted and Dr. John C Bennett encourages eating tomatoes in various ways apart from tomato ketchup.

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