Movie Review, Entertainment : Who Let The Dogs Out? Who! Who! Who!

The movie review for Entertainment! It’s a decent flick with a fair amount of clean entertainment. It should work with the masses as well as the classes.

A wise woman once said, “Movies work due to three things, Entertainment ….. Entertainment ….. and only Entertainment”.

Okay Okay, that was Vidya Balan who said it!!

This movie also has a fourth Entertainment …

A cute and adorable dog, which goes by that name.

After watching the trailers, I was a bit apprehensive when I went to watch this movie.

I wanted to just sit through the movie, watch it, get out and take an aspirin. It was definitely going to be a slapstick, over-the-top, foolish attempt at trying to make people laugh, which probably would be full of double entendres with a possible gay joke/character thrown in.

When Riteish Deshmukh started the movie with his cameo and a very fat Akki breast fed a baby, I sunk even lower in the seat, knowing my fears have been realized.

But Lo and Behold, as it progressed, the movie made a rather sincere effort in crushing my fears to small bits.

Appearances can be deceptive is absolutely right.  

A few minutes into the movie and you actually start enjoying it.

The story is a wee bit hard to digest. But once you accept the fact that some mad hatter multi-millionaire, can actually will, his entire business empire to a dog, the rest of the movie goes in very smoothly without a hajmola. After that, it’s a completely mad caper, with a lot of funny moments, which will have you holding your stomach and laughing out loud ….literally.

The first half of the movie is thoroughly enjoyable.

Though there are moments where it kinda drags, especially in the second half, by the end of the movie, you come out with a “nothing lost, nothing gained” smile on your face, nonetheless. I must say that the Director duo of Sajid-Farhad have managed to take a weirdish script and turn it into a very watchable movie.

Akshay Kumar makes yet another, rather decent, effort at being comic. I wish he played the regular action hero, and I hate it when he acts like a pansy in the comic films, but he has pulled off this one rather well. Yes, he still manages to flap his hands around at the expected moments, but I guess we can cut him some slack there.

Tamanna, once again, does a fantastic job at looking sexy, hot and cute at the same time.

She doesn’t have much screen time, what with Akki and Junior (the dog) hogging all the footage, but she is pleasant on the eyes, so who’s complaining?

Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood make a perfect villainous combo, they are both equally good at snarling and gnarling and while executing the comic scenes. They have only added to the laughter. To me they actually resembled the “Bade Chote” jodi from the 9XM music channel. Wonder if that was intentional??

The supporting cast with Johnny Lever and Krushna Abhishek are well restricted. I am glad they were held back just enough to provide humor and not run away with their wild antics on the screen. Krishna does become irritating after some time, though. Mithun Chakraborty as Tamanna’s dad is totally lovable and thankfully hasn’t said “Kya Baat” a single time in this movie.

The music is quite alright.

A couple of songs are really good, while the rest are very much forgettable.

The story doesn’t have many twists and turns, it’s a simple plain, run of the mill story with a very predictable end. Of course, you can’t have a Dog in the movie and make it a tragic tale, now, can you?

One specific thing, which one would love about this movie, is that it was an absolutely clean movie. You could easily take your kids to watch the movie and they would have a blast.

For those intellectuals who like to seek a message in every movie and want to watch them with a magnifying glass trying to find faults at every small goof up, rather than just sit back be entertained by one, here is a message for you: 

WOOF!!  WOOF !!! WOOF !!!!

(Sorry, but the translation of this cannot be printed here due to Censorship issues)

And yes, dogs can talk.

If you don’t believe me, go Watch Entertainment.

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