Sealand Micronation With the Highest Population of 30 People

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The European countries or the African countries are on the list of large countries. There is a place in the world that is the smallest country in the world. Sealand is the place which has the highest population of only 30 people. It is situated within the British Territorial waters. It is not at all recognized by any of the sovereign states.

The Rough towers offshore of the Northern Sea were decommissioned after 1967. Finally, this was occupied by Paddy Roy Bates. Later it declared the micronation as a sovereign state.

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Administration of Sealand

The legal system of Sealand follows the British common law. While being a country it has its own currency and passports. So, those who attempt to visit this micronation will need a passport to enter the country. The Sealand also issued passports which they call a fantasy passport. But it is not valid for any international travel.

The countries have their own stamps, passports, and coins which have their own motto. It says “E Mare Libertas”, “From the Sea, Freedom”. This micronation country is in the books of Guinness book of world record for having the smallest area. The country is within an area of 4000 square meters.

The ruler of the Sealand is royal and Roy Bates styles as well as adorns himself as Prince Roy and his wife as Princess Joan. Their son is known as “His Royal Highness Prince Micheal”.

Business and sports in the highest population

The highest population of 30 persons is not all-sufficient to participate in any international games or sports. But it has an official team of players who play as national athletes. They are not entirely the people of Sealand, few are Non-Sealand who play as a national team. They take part in various kinds of games such as minigolf, football, athletics, fencing, and curling.

In 2003 the initiative was taken and Darren Blackburn of Canada was appointed as the first athlete to play for Sealand. After which they have started to participate in various sports for local games and won a few medals and awards.

The business of the Sealand has many commercial businesses that provide a good economic backup to the country. The coins and postage stamps have also been included in a great part of the business. It also has an offshore internet facility or a data haven.

The establishment of the Data haven in the micronation with the highest population of 30 people turned popular as Haven Co. It also took control of the Roughs Tower from 2000. But later after two years, the co-founder of HavenCo left his partnership with the Bates family. It was due to the disagreements between the co-founders.

The highest population of micronation’s Recognition

Though Sealand is known as the smallest country it does not have any official recognization by any of the sovereign states. There is still a question mark on the recognition of the country but according to Micheal Bates, they are receiving applications for issuing passports every day.

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