6 Fashion Faux Pas That You Can Spot In Mumbai Locals

Ladies travelling by Mumbai Locals watch out your fashion statement is keenly observed by us. Do you want to know what we think about it? Hmmm..!! LOL, take a look.

You will never get bored if you are travelling by Mumbai Locals. Especially, if you are in the ladies compartment there are a lot of things that keep happening which will often catch your attention. Let’s admit the fact that we all always love to check out what others are wearing. Mentally, we do pass comments on each of the dressing styles that we think is a disaster.

The idea of this story also hit my mind during one of those keen observational sessions. With all due respect to the lovely looking ladies out there, here is request from me that please don’t wear anything so awful which will make a writer like me to bash your fashion statement.

Hmm! So let’s cut the story short and take a look at the latest fashion faux pas happening in Mumbai Locals.

Lovely chiffon sarees and a backpack… REALLY?   

Dear pretty aunties, I request you to drop that backpack which you think is really cool and pick some classy bag instead.


Gorgeous salwar kameez and sports shoes… ROFL!

Hey you, I know you are extremely busy balancing personal and professional life. You have no time in hand. You are always in a hurry. Grr! But throw those running shoes that you had got once upon a time thinking you will hit the gym and please wear something that goes well with your colorful salwar kameez.  


Mangalsutra & Chudda wow, nice! Wait a minute what’s with the short skirt?


Okay, I get your point that you are just married. If you have to really follow the customs why don’t wear clothes that you can carry off well with these traditional jewelleries. Please think about it and don’t give us a shock to please your loving sasu-ma!

Smart jacket! Excuse me this is Dadar not Denmark…

There is definitely a chill in the air these days in Mumbai but hello, what is this with the winter jacket? I understand you are a delicate darling but please take that off before people mistake you for someone from Eskimo land!

Please don’t wear those boots and walk around Thane station

All I have to tell you is check the temperature of the city and look into the mirror before you step out.


Matching matching, eh?


This is to all the girls who think matching it up makes you look perfect. Let me tell you, it looks cute on a toddler but not on you ma’am.

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