How To Stay Fashionable Even When Your Pocket Is Empty

stay fashionable even without money

Stay fashionable even without money – We all want to stay up on our fashion game and no one wants to walk out of the door looking like trash.

It doesn’t matter whether you are fat or thin, dark or fair, tall or short, your style is entirely yours and you’ve got to present it perfectly in front of the world. While some of the people have the resources to get the best clothes and accessories from wherever they want, other people stop themselves from doing it because they don’t have the money.

But who says you need money to stay fashionable?

stay fashionable even without money

Here are some tips that will help you stay fashionable even when your pocket is empty, stay fashionable even without money.

Stay fashionable even without money – 

1 – Find the best street shopping location

Who says you have to go to those pricey designers and malls to buy the best clothes? You can do just the same by shopping fashion on street. Find out which location provides the latest trends and then go explore the whole market. Make sure not to pick everything just because it’s cheap, make it crisp yet effective.

2 – Pick looks from catalogues and fulfill from street

Most of the people buy look from catalogues because they have the money, but you can do it too. All you have to do is find your favourite look and then recreate it by finding different pieces from street shops. If not, then buy a fabric at reasonable price and get it tailored at affordable price.

3 – Make sure to keep mixing

If you have a dress and a comfy shirt, you can mix it and wear together for a different look. Similarly, you can swap your denims too by wearing a t-shirt on that floral dress you brought. This and much more, just with the help of few tricks.

4 – Keep revamping

If you have an year old dress that you no longer wear, try to create something else out of it. Maybe a skirt, a shrug or even a scarf. Similarly, you can turn those old denims into ripped ones and the ripped old denims into shorts. Just keep it smart and easy.

This is the way you can stay fashionable even without money. All you need is a bunch of ideas and you can make your wardrobe full of fashion without wasting money. Hope these help!

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