You’ll Be Shocked To Know About The Places Which Have Zero Gravitational Pull

Magnetic gravitation

Magnetic gravitation – Earth is a very mysterious place but the worst part is that we people don’t have the slightest clue about this.

You’ll be shocked to know that in spite that earth has a very strong magnetic gravitational pull there are some places on the earth which seem to have ‘Zero’ gravitational pull. I/m damn sure that these places will come as a shock to you and hope that you’ll not miss a chance to travel to these places and experience the marvel personally.

So here they are places of Magnetic gravitation :

1 – Saint Ignace Mystery Spot, Michigan, USA:

The story which is related to this particular spot in the United States of America hails from a lot of years back when a group of workers claimed that their iron objects stopped working at this spot suddenly in mysterious ways. They also said that this absence of gravitational pull was limited to just 300 feet in diameter. People have constructed an optically illusion structure which makes people sense zero gravity because of the positioning.

Magnetic gravitation

2 – Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, California:

This is another mysterious spot located in the forest area outside Santa Cruz, California. The diameter of this spot is not more than 150 in diameter and people love coming here multiple times to experience the weird and unusual sensation of walking in a tilted way and that everything is going uphill. Though an optical illusion, this place is sure to steal hearts.

Magnetic gravitation

3 – Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA:

People genuinely love coming to this dam and the reason? Well, they love pouring water over the dam. The water they pour from their bottles or glasses goes upwards rather than going down. It seems as if this place has no gravity but the reason to this upward movement is because of the strong wind that blows near this gigantic structure.

Magnetic gravitation

4 – Magnetic Hill, Leh Ladakh, India:

Though there are a lot of hills of the same time in the world but this particular hill in Leh Ladakh part of India is the most unique. It is said that the hill pulls cars upwards, in fact, it is even said that airplanes increase their altitudes as they fly above the magnetic hill. Some people believe that it’s because of magic; others say that it’s just an illusion because of the structure of the hill.

Magnetic gravitation

5 – Waterfall, Feroe Islands:

Could you ever imagine a waterfall which is falling upwards and not downwards? Well, this waterfall of the Feroe Islands located in the Atlantic Ocean between Scotland and Iceland goes upwards. Again, we have a lot of waterfalls like that and that’s all because of the heavy wind which flows around these. No matter what, it looks like straight from a mystical world.

Magnetic gravitation

These are the places where magnetic gravitation happen. Though hard to believe and difficult to accept, these beautiful places of the world look extraordinarily unique in their own ways which hasn’t ever failed to attract tourists to them from all over the world. The world is beautiful, it definitely is.

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