Luxurious Subways Around The World More To See Than Travel

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Few Subways worldwide with extraordinary verses of architecture along with the additional statement of technology together have made these places a space of attraction for local as well as tourists. The ornamental designs and the uses of innovative ideas have made these subways the attraction of the world. The spaces are not only luxurious subways but also for tourists to visit the cities.

Top worlds Luxurious Subways of the world

Countries may have many attractive places but with the construction of some of the luxurious subways, some metro stations are crowded only to enjoy and cherish the beauty of the spaces. More than traveling it is an attraction for people to simply sit and watch the uniqueness of the environment.

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Naples Metro, one of the luxurious subways of Italy

Thousands of people are seen traveling to the Naples Metro to visit one of the luxurious subways of Italy. The Interior work of this subway has its own individual statement that makes it the only space with the modern art form of designs and artistic light work. The design, conception was of Karim Rashid. 

The featural designs of the columns endure the elegance of black glossiness. While the cracking colorful designs of the ceiling and the walls are zested to high spirit. 

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St. Petersburg Metro, the ornate in Russia

One of the oldest with the extremist to its architectural beauty of St. Petersburg Metro is known for its dynamic and ultra appearances with minute artistry works. The Corinthian columns are rusted golden with the brownish touch of the ceilings and the walls. 

Chandeliers still generate light that gives the old architectural design work manifestation. The construction of this subway was specifically for bomb shelters while World War II. Its emphasizes on the art and architectural works of the Stalinist architecture. 

Kaohsiung Taiwan, Formosa Boulevard Station

Adorned with the amazing etched and vibrant glasswork is the Kaohsiung Taiwan, Formosa Boulevard Station. Designed by the 3-D street artist Su Chia-Hsien it is one of the artistic 3-dimensional paint and artwork attractions for thousands of travelers. 

Beautified with the theme of nature the vibrancy has evolved as a point of charisma. Italian artist Narcissus Quaglianta has contributed to glass panel work for this luxurious subway. 

Nowy Swiat Uniwersytet Metro Station Warsaw, Poland

The Luxurious subways from Poland are few in number one is the Nowy Swiat Uniwersytet Metro Station Warsaw. Artistry and architectural deep approach with clarified and lustrous designs with spreads of purple and white colors are the distinctive beauty. 

Modern design glimpses with mural work blended with the use of minute graphic works described in the ceilings of the subway spaces. The architectural definition was given by Architect Andrez M. Choldzynski. The graphic work on the mural work was by artist Wojciech Fangor.

A modern or ancient form of architectural work with distinctive and intense innovative conceptions of the luxurious subways. It is from different parts of the world that people travel as a reason of a place of commute but also to cherish the artwork sitting, watching and feeling. 








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