10 Indian Labors Die Every Day In The Gulf Country

Indian labourers

Indian labourers – Everybody knows that thousands of Indian labourers go to Gulf countries in search of employment every year.

In these Gulf countries, the labourers have to remain in very pity conditions, and there they work for 12 to 16 hours a day. The worst thing is that the authorities in gulf countries take their passports are also so that they cannot come back to their own country. Because they work for long hours without any nutritious diet or any special add they fell sick very often.

They do not have proper resident there, the labours in gulf countries are compelled to live in unhealthy conditions. They do not have enough money to take personal homes so they 4-5 labours contribute together and love in one big room, where there is no electricity and no water. Everyone knows about all these conditions, but nothing has been done for the welfare of those labours. It is believed that the local government and concerned authorities are very lamenting towards them.

Indian labourers

The labourers going to Gulf countries know these living conditions very well but it is the appetite of the stomach that forces them to move there. Due to this unhealthy conditions around 10 Indian labourers dies every day in Gulf countries.

Indian labourers Dying in Gulf Countries

The figures of the last six years say that on an average 10 Indian labourers have been dying every day in Gulf countries. This information has been received under the Right to Information Act. According to information received under the Right to Information, a voluntary group said that on average, 10 Indian labours dies every day in Gulf countries.

Indian labourers

A Great Amount Of Money Comes To India From Gulf Countries

The largest amount of money coming from foreign countries every year is from the Gulf countries. The contribution of Indians working in Gulf countries is more than half of the amount received from the world in between 2012-2017. In reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha on 26th August 2018, the Foreign Ministry had said that the number of Indians working in six Gulf countries in the year 2017 was approximately 22.53 lakh.

Venkatesh Nayak of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative had sought details from the Foreign Ministry about the death of Indian labourers from Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates from January 1, 2012, to mid-2018.

Indian labourers

They told that Indian embassies located in Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia provided details, but the embassy located in the UAE denied to do so. The Indian Embassy in Kuwait referred to the details available on its website, but it was from 2014.

Indian labourers

Nayak said India received 410.33 billion dollars from the world. The amount received from the Gulf countries was $209.07 billion. He said that in order to bridge the gap in the details related to death, he used the details given in response to questions in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Nayak said the available information indicates that at least 24,570 Indians died in six Gulf countries between 2012 and mid-2018. If all the data of Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates was available then there would be more deaths. According to available data, more than 10 Indian workers die every day in this period.

At present, there are no improvements in their conditions. But it is to see when and what steps will be taken by the government to control this death rate of Indian labours in Gulf countries.

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