What’s Up With The Thumkas? Social Media Is Now Obsessed With Jhanvi Kapoor’s Thumkas For The 3rd Time!

Dance Videos Of Jhanvi Kapoor

Dance Videos Of Jhanvi Kapoor – Whoa! This star-kid has not even debuted but her viral videos in which she is seen doing Thumkas has caught everyone’s attention.

This is the 3rd time and now people are desperately waiting to see her in Bollywood movies.

Sridevi’s gorgeous daughter is all over the internet. Her viral video alongside her rumoured BF is making people question “when are you debuting?” To be honest; this girl seems to make it big in Bollywood, once she enters the B-town industry. Earlier, it was all about Suhana Khan’s acting video, and now it’s all about how well Jhanvi Kapoor dances. No matter what; if Jhanvi Kapoor enters in Bollywood then one can surely expect her to give those Thumkas in the movie.

According to the reports, Karan Johar had advised her not to be in the limelight, but her latest viral video proves that people will stalk her as they are desperately waiting to see her in movie. We all know that Sara Ali Khan will be debuting; now we also hope that Karan announces the same thing about Jhanvi Kapoor too.

Here’s the latest video of Jhanvi Kapoor where she can be seen doing some Thumkas (Just in case you missed it)

According to the reports, this boomerang video was taken during Anushka Rajan’s wedding celebrations.

One thing is sure that Jhanvi Kapoor can easily give Bollywood actresses a run for their money. Look at her; she is gorgeous, her dance moves are on point, and yeah, she only needs to give us a sneak peak of her acting. (Just like Suhana Khan)

Not just dance and looks, she is also known to be Bollywood’s Fashionista. Her style is killer and one can say that she will certainly take place of Sonam Kapoor in the coming years.

We just need to wait and watch.

Overall, she clearly knows how to make headlines even when you’re not acting on big-screen.

Dance Videos Of Jhanvi Kapoor – Take a look at her 1st video which also went viral on the internet.

Here’s another one.

Let’s hope to see her in movies now.

Dance Videos Of Jhanvi Kapoor – What are your thoughts?

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