Few Facts About the Happiest Kingdom of Himalayas

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Bhutan is the happiest kingdom that resides in the Himalayas whether comparing to the neighborhoods, seasons, and nature. The country can be divided into three ranges that settle in the mountain, the Great Himalaya, the lower Himalaya, and the Sub Himalayan range.

Any ranges that flare with the natural scenic beauty. When the neighborhoods are India and China, the Bhutan China border covers with snow. The rivers flowing through the curvy ways of the valleys are because of the melting of the Himalayan ice. Definitely, no one can ignore the monsoon rainwater that fills the river.

The Indian Bhutan border connects to southern Bhutan which shares a strong relation in local trading. The borders are open for the tourists from both the countries it is enabling both the countries to earn from tourism.
Despite a lack of jobs and trade, Bhutan is the happiest kingdom of the Himalayas.

No other country can show such enthusiasm and excitement from the Himalayas. What else do you want when people have a beautiful and disciplined ambiance not only for the local people but also for the tourists. In recent years after opening the borderline, it has enabled tourists to realize their reason for peace and happiness.

No environmental damages

The countrymen always believe to preserve nature, hereby so when traveling through the beautiful curvy roads the green valleys refreshes the mind. The benefits are less air pollution and low sound pollution that one will realize while roaming around. The kingdom on the Himalayas always prioritizes preserving it for their culture and mankind.

Preserves cultural values

Cultural values are extremely well defined in Bhutan. It can be offering prayers in the monasteries or their dresses. After entering into the country the local ambiance will always allow visitors to perceive the culture of Buddhism. Local women in their Kira and Men dressing in Gho are always roaming around.

Peace lovers

Bhutanese are peace lovers, they hate to fight, they know to respect and above all, they always preserve their religion and culture. Buddhism religion always believes that killing and hurting is wrong, so they are always afraid or do not like to kill or hurt animals or humans. This is one of the major reasons that Bhutan has fewer criminal cases.


The amazing part of the People of the country is it carries a great value for hospitality. Guests are respected with great honor does not matter if a king or an officer. This is another reason Bhutan has become one of the best-preferred countries for tourists.
As animal hurting is banned apart from it smoking is not allowed. The happiest kingdom entire Bhutan has no smokers which mean fewer people are ill because of chain-smoking but it permits alcohol.

The country despite several economical issues and lack of jobs, is one of the happiest kingdoms of the Himalayas. People who survive with happiness and almost no guilt as they perform no harsh activities that may snatch their night sleep.

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