Do you know that Mermaids Are Still Alive?

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Tales and stories that mention the mermaids seem to feel unreal. But few incidences in different parts of the world exhibit the existence of the fairies even in the present time. Mermaids are still alive in sculptures and folklore for years describing attractive appearances. The evidence of thousands of years has mentioned the existence of the mermaids and somehow the presence of the water fairies is still observed.

Hereby a few new real-life incidents confirm the existence of mermaids in different parts of the world.

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  • It was in 2017, in the seashore of Kochi in India that the fishermen had trapped a creature that did not look like any kind of fish or natural sea animal. It was similar to or beautiful mermaids as in the tales but on the examination of the creature, the features matched partially to mammal and fish. The incident has been one of the exceptional stories that are true from the sea.
  • A few years earlier in 2016, two boys were swimming in the countryside river when they started to drown. Two beautiful mermaids pushed them aside to the side of the river, they were alive. But the two boys were pulled back by the fairies when they saw their parents crying. They were killed the second time when returned to the island.


  • Isreal itself has been a place with the real stories of mermaids alive present within the sea are observed. In 2009, at the town of Kiryat Yam the stories of the mermaid. Several people in the town said that they had seen the mermaid showing different tricks. In 2013 sometimes in May, the living mermaids were seen but it is entirely wrong to assume that the size of the mermaids could be as large as in tales and folklores. The size of this mermaid was almost a small-medium size of fish.
  • In 2008, it was in South Africa that a woman with long beautiful hair and human features in the upper part of the body. The lower part was the body of a fish with fins as well as a tail. The eyes were fiery red with a strange noise. After a few minutes, she left the place and moved to disappear into the sea, her name was “Kaaiman”.

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  • In Zimbabwe 2012, the Irate mermaid was visible to the construction group who were working for a Dam in the river. The strange part was that mermaids are found in the sea but here the river had one such beautiful creature.

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Mythologically the mermaids are worshipped as a strong spirit by the people of Northern Syria. Mermaids are still alive that ensures and signifies life and fertility according to ancient beliefs. Historical evidence was collected from different parts of the world, such as the Mami Wata from Nigeria. Sirens and mermaids mythological stories from the ancient stories of Greece and Rome describe their existence from the past. While their presence to date is still realized by people globally.

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