Did You Know Witches And Beer-Making industry Inter-connected?

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Witches’ dominance was unknown and not connected till the 1500s. The invention of Beer was by women through the fermentation process from ancient times. Beer-making industry was one of the high on-demand businesses led by the women at the beginning but slowly it was adapted by the men. Beer is one of the popular beverages worldwide; it ranks in the top five.

The exemplary and evidence both are obtained from the Roman Empire. When women staying at home used to collect all the essential ingredients and brewed beer for their men. Mostly it was the mode of serving energy to the men working as labor. Ensuring a sound night’s sleep and reducing the sensation of body aches.

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Dark Ages in witches and beer-making industry

The time of the dark ages is different when women sold beer open in a market. They sold Sitting back holding a shop of beverages for buyers. Their appearances were attractive but did not please anyone at all. Advertises of the shops were with images of women wearing tall hats, stars to point at the quality of the beer. But these images slowly became popular when women were required to force out of the market or beer making. It is when witches and beer-making were inter-connected. People started believing that witches brew beer.

Women were inventors but were banned as alewives

The dominance of women as inventors and selling in the markets as witches did not last long. In the 1500s century age group 14 years to 40 years as alewives were banned from selling beverages. Till this time there were no men were seen taking initiatives to sell beverages.

Cats were pets seen in the stores to keep the rats away from the rice or grains. But in the 1700s there was a renaissance in England against the witch images of women. Witches’ designs were attractive for buyers but were opposed by the religious movement.

It was a chance for the male to over dominate women when they were discouraged to be in the beer-making industry. Though men did not believe that women selling beer are witches but the work of fermentation and making need dedication, time, and hard work.

On staying away from selling they can spend the time with their family and children. But the images of witchcraft were still used by the industry even after removing women from selling beers.

Females were inventors and leaders of beer making industry

Today the entire world enjoys beer drinks but the inventors were females who use to make it at home for their families. With the requirement of money and the dedication to skills, females were the only gender who could make beer. Men were hardly interested to sell beer unless they observed the increase in earnings and demand together.

Though there was the restriction of women with the witchcraft to sell beer after many years women are returning to the business. In the modern world, women are equally into the business of beer making but with modified technology and dedication.

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