5 Things To Do When Your Best-Friend’s BF Is Trying To Make A Move On You!

Friend's BF Is Hitting On You

Friend’s BF Is Hitting On You –

Your best-friend’s BF is making a move on you? Damn! This is so pathetic and uncomfortable.

To all the girls who are in that boat, and are confused about how to freaking deal with such a situation, this article is for you.

Firstly, I know that when such things happen, there are many girls who keep quiet. It’s all because they think it’ll hurt their best-friend’s feelings etc etc. But honestly, is it worth keeping quiet?

Absolutely no, right? So by ditching the wrong thing, here’s the right thing that you must do, when your best-friends BF is making a move on you.

Friend’s BF Is Hitting On You –

  1. Take it seriously

Don’t take the act lightly, but take it seriously. The moment he touches you or anything else in that case, give him an angry eye look. Frankly, there are many guys who jokingly try to take a move, so in the end it kinda looks like “he was just joking, even though he was serious.” So don’t take it in a light way.

  1. SPEAK

Such guys need words, and if you don’t respond then they try to do it again. So, open your mouth ladies, and let him know, that his act was improper. Tell him directly “You should not do that again”- in a loud voice, and anger in your eye.

  1. Reveal everything to your best-friend

Don’t keep quiet. If the warning is not working on him, then go ahead and tell you best-friend. Even though she doesn’t believe you, do your work by telling her your side of truth.

Let her know about her BF’s ridiculous acts. Plus also tell her to keep an eye on her BF when you all are together.

  1. Tell your best-friend to think about the scenario

I mean, tell her to be in your position, and ask “how will she react if the same thing happens with her”. Tell her directly, that “you’re my best-friend, but the things that are wrong, are completely wrong.” I bet that she’ll do something about the whole situation.

  1. Stay away from that guy

Now it’s very important for you to stay away from such creeps. You know that they are not good, so distance yourself. Hang out with your best-friend, but don’t hang out when he’s around. Do you get it?

Friend’s BF Is Hitting On You – Do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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