Did You Know That Small Foot is Signs of Beauty?

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From ancient times it has been known that by looking at the feet of a person one can judge nature. While small feet have been a preference among most of the community as the signs of beauty and intelligence. Though it is still believed that small looks are beautiful. But slowly the meaning of beauty has changed with time.

According to certain researches, it has been observed that small features define the nature of young age appearances. Comparing with the taller and longer features of the same age are found to be less attractive. In different researches showing concern on the actual reason for attractiveness despite the same age has described small features are attracting men.

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Women with small feet

Based, on the theory of human behavior, one of the ancient villages of China have women with small feet. The size of the feet of an adult female is smaller than an 8-year child. No, it is not heredity the feet were forced to reduce the growth. By tying up the feet and wearing small shoes. Restriction of the feet’s growth was forced to push her in the sections of the prettiest women. This tradition will help them to find some good proposals for marriages, as small feet are signs of beauty.

In the present day, this village of China does not survive on any such beliefs, diminished about 9 to 10 decades ago. But still, there are about collective females at their age of 90 or more having the small feet, in the small village of China that has only a few pretty women as per ancient beliefs.

Signs of beauty in women’s feet to fate

According to astrological beliefs, fate, and destiny both, can be pre-assumed by the feet size and structure of the women. It reveals the features, characteristics, and personality of a person. Earlier during the meetings of arranging marriages, it was necessary to check the features of the feet as the feet could determine the beauty of a woman.

Astrology also has mentioned the judging of the character of any person by looking into the toes. The different sizes of the toes generate an idea about intelligence, leadership, and hardworking ability. It is also another important part while considering to arrange marriages for women in a few of the Asian countries.  

Hereby it was in the 10 century that the trend to look beautiful to find a good man for marriage. Their feet were tied with bandages at an early age from age 3 years. To earn the title of a beautiful woman, four toes of feet were broken. Finally cleaned with the herbal medicinal solution it finely bandaged to bind the growth of the feet.

Slowly these signs of beauty to have small feet have become the symbol of higher status. But this was a hard period as millions of women were forced to perform this tradition but now it is limited to 10 to 15 women. The tradition was strictly banned in the 17th century, while small feet sign of beauty took the time after the 1950s and then diminished.

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