Did You Know That Lipstick Was Used as Social Status?

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Lipstick indicator of social status! Thousands of perceptions are in the mind to date about this colored pigment still in the modern era which was discovered during the Sumerian period. The connection between the fashion industries to the extremity of glamorous appearances still looks for superior color and quality. As it creates a phenomenal change!

So, one cannot imagine any incredible makeup complete without the touch of lipsticks, the superiority that adds to the facial artwork. Each era speaks a different story if the modern times speak about the fashion and health of the lips through applying lipsticks; it was a time when it was applied as a status symbol.

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Status symbol and the Egyptian age

Egyptian age has been the most powerful ruling period when considered money, luxury, and describing their superiority and status. The bright colors used for the lips were an exposure to appear extra-ordinarily stunning and powerful. Colorful lips were for both the men and women irrespective of gender. So, it is easy to understand that kings and queens generally applied color on their eyelids and lips.

The statues of the Pharaohs and the artwork, paintings have a wonderful depiction of the fine use of colors specifically red and purple. The civilization near the Nile river had grown construction techniques, science, and mathematics with the introduction of writing systems. Therefore, it was the Pharaohs or the emperor who described and cherished their ability with the beginning of using colors for their face apart from the distinctive historical ornaments.

Historical evidence mentions about the cosmetic pallets apart from the pottery work or arts. The supremacy of the Egyptians and lipstick as the social status has been the narration continued to the modern era.

After the Egyptian era, the lipstick turned to become biased to female genders, but earlier the glossy, bright appearance that was an extraordinary addition to expose their status.

End of Use of Lipstick as aristocracy or status symbol

Finally, it was during the time of French when the use of lipstick was reduced irrespective of gender. Believing that facial paints will remove exposing of aristocracy or status symbol though women used it for their beautiful lips. Men were slowly seen diverting to use the patches on their faces. Therefore, it had given the rise to a revolution for the cosmetics and paintings that were for the women.

Royal classes started to implement art and paints for better beauty rather than sticking solely to the coloring of the lips.

The makeup or facial artwork was seen improvising during the French, but the Egyptians who begun the lucrative artistry to prove distinctive and extraordinary used orange and magenta colors on their eyes. The eyes bounded with black color turned bold with bright colors. Natural ways were used to prepare the pigments, this already indicates the great discoveries and inventions that were possible by the Egyptians.

The importance and superiority of the social status, lipsticks were so high that they pigments were preserved with the mummies. They believed that the colors are immortal, the evidence was found while discovering the mummies from the buried tombs.

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