Did You Know That Chinese Live In One Time Zone?

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Apart from India, there is another country China that has only one time zone. China’s time belt is the largest in the world which is only one in time belt comparing to the similar size the US has four time zones. The time zones distinguish the China and US comparing as both the countries are of similar sizes. China follows the standard time offset of UTC+08.00, which means it is 8 hours ahead of the UTC or coordinated Universal time.

Geographically, China is a country that can be divided into five-time belts. But the timing belt is just one with the official national standardized time of Beijing.

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China One Time Zone History

After the formation of the Republic of China, the time zone was differentiated into nine zones as per the geographical changes. It was in 1918, before this it was the Beijing standard time followed by the Chinese people. But after the five-time belts, it was becoming difficult for the remote places and locals to maintain the time. Confusion was developing and finally, in 1928 the reference time standard shifted to the Beijing Mean solar time that is UTC + 8 Hours. The timing zone was again changed in different changes of power and government in China, even during the Chinese Civil war 1949. But despite several times of changes, the one time standard China time zone follows the Beijing official timing zone.

Hong Kong And Macau follows Standardise time zone

From 1997 to 1999, Hong Kong and Macau became part of China. They also follow the time of UTC+8 hours. While Tibet is still not properly assuring the timing belt defined, but it was following the Beijing time till 1950. Later it was shifted to the Xinjiang time which is UTC + 6 hours and again to UTC+8 hours.

Hong Kong has its own time belt, with the adoption of the Greenwich mean time from 1904. Despite being a part of China, Macau maintains its own time belt which is similar to the standard zonal time of China.

The Daylight saving time is not used in both Hong Kong and Macau. Despite transferred authority, the countries use their own time zones, but it makes a single time zone in China.

The US has different timing zones unlike China

The area of the countries may be of the same sizes but it does not the same timing zone all over the country.  Later it increased to an eleven-time belt after adding Baker Island and Wake Island. The general zone is divided into Pacific time, Mountain time, Central time, Eastern time. It was a need after the increase in utility of transports and telecommunication. With the changes in the geographical changes, it became necessary to develop a standard time as per the zone.

China was able to set its standard single zonal time belt with changes in geographical changes but restricted to the UTC. Even after the inclusion of Macau and Hong Kong, there were no changes in the China time zone.

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