I Am A Coldplay Fan And I Know It!

If you have to note down few observation of a true Coldplay fan here is list of them…


Six year ago a friend of mine introduced me to this really awesome, kick-a**, son-of-a-gun band called Coldplay. Being a hard core Hindi classical lover back then, I didn’t know if I will be able to listen to songs that were labelled under the alternative rock category.

I thought seriously before searching for those few ‘must hear’ tracks. During my online search for popular tracks of the band, the first song that popped was ‘Yellow’. I was ‘love struck’ with the lyrics and understood that this genre of music will hold prominence in my daily playlist soon.  

It was only after listening to Coldplay, I realised that I should dive deep in the world of tunes to discover western music too. Today, I hold Chris Martin’s responsible for he has made me into a true Coldplay fan. Coldplay will always be on my favourite playlist for many reasons and now being a part of the fan club, I can tell you how to spot a true Coldplay fan! 

A true Coldplay fan will always…

Play ‘fix you’ on a Monday morning 

Listen to ‘yellow’ on a bright sunny day

Cry when ‘us against’ is on loop during those rocky days of love life

Hum ‘paradise’ when he/she is in a dreamy mood

Sing ‘the scientist’ when he/she is confused

Remember ‘christmas lights’ in the month of December

Have ‘God put a smile upon your face’ always on his/ her mind 

Tune to ‘don’t panic’ while decoding the meaning of optimism and pessimism

Feel nostalgic about his/her childhood after hearing ‘Strawberry Swing’ 

Suggest people around to add ‘proof’ on their playlist

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