Country That Don’t Need Social Media to Connect

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Social media, the fastest way to connect or communicate with old age as well as young ones. But few countries from different parts of the world do not find it important. North Korea has been strictly restricting media to connect to public use. Though Http//, the internet is used in the offices and government for official purposes no use of socializing is permissible. Global networking is the major restriction to the citizens, high-ranked officers only a few have the permission to use it for essential purposes.

North Korea itself has its unique rules and regulations that differ from other countries in the world. Extremely strict judiciary system with less liberty to communicate or connect to rest part of the world.

Kwangmyong, intranet for North Korean
One of the beautiful places to travel while once entering the country communicating with the outsiders is really difficult as a 3G connection is available for travelers. Kwangmyong is the intranet facility that is maintained by the Computer center Korea. While most of the work depends on global networking, the present situation is the same as it was before Wi-Fi and 4G. Citizens of North Korea are expertise in using their localized connection. Accustomed to the rules of network and domain name that is entirely different which is “.kp”.

This intranet system strictly scrutinizes different websites from the internet. Censoring the parts if they find it unethical and review them before streaming them. It works as a storage of information limited as per their execution. Universities and colleges have the access to the local filtered electronic information store. All cities and towns of North Korea use the application through dial-up on the phone.
So, one can clearly understand the concept of the internet that is implemented which does not allow the use of social media. They hardly have any idea to operate or use the platform. No application can find a single social media post from this specific area. It may be about their country or culture, few can know unless anyone has visited the country.

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Banning Social media to connect

As the government does decide about the streaming of websites, the operating system both software and hardware are localized. Tablets and computer are also available that is strictly channelized for access to Kwangmyong. Instagram is blocked within the entire area of North Korea, to reduce the possibilities of any kind of eruption of complications or revolution. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are not allowed to be used from 2016.
According to their conception, social media has been a source to misguide generation, therefore from 2016, the websites are inaccessible or blocked. Communication globally has become easier with social media, different scopes are increasing related to work and information apart from only making friends. Different media jobs that need exposure through online platforms are provided to various states and countries.

North Korea has been deprived of the benefits but somewhere they are not addicted or slave to social media. Somewhere they are mentally free from the addiction of social media to connect.

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