Use Any Of These Code-Words When You’re Too Uncomfortable To Say The Word SEX!

Code Words For Sex

“Code Words For Sex”

No matter what you say, even today there are many people out there who hesitate using the word “SEX” in front of others. Simply, because they feel a sudden embarrassment and that’s the main reason why people are afraid to use the word sex.

So, does that mean that such people can never discuss about SEX using the word SEX? No, not really. You know why? Because, here are some words which are twisted and slightly funny in replacement of the “big embarrassing word”.

No matter how you take it, all I know is; you can use these code words for sex freely while discussing the hot topic with your friends in public.

Here we go: –

  1. Fornication

Not bad, right? You can use this word when you’re afraid to shout out the word sex. It is a simple word and it stands out meaning sex as well.

  1. Get Laid

It clearly indicates – to have sex.

So, use these two words and then you’re comfortable to carry on your long conversation.

  1. Doing the deed

Firstly, if you use this term; I bet no one around you will get into understanding what you really meant. Because, it has different meanings, so it’s almost like an advantage for you to use this word instead of saying sex.

E.g. I’m going to do the deed tonight. (No one’s gonna catch you)

  1. Hitting the skins

Whoop! People around you will think something else but this term is a perfect to use. Even though it sounds a bit wild, hitting the skins is definitely a hard one to catch and easy one to discuss.

  1. Getting a piece

I’m gonna get a piece. Well, if you use this term then I’m sure listeners will keep wondering what “piece” and also; some will get confuse into thinking “ OK, you’re gonna get a P-E-A-C-E” (Wink!)

  1. Destroying the sheets

I know, it sounds a little too weird but who cares, it indicates what you are willing to say. So, it is not really a bad score.

  1. Midnight ride

Ummm, I really don’t need to teach you about how and when to use this “midnight ride” term. Right? You can use it while conversating with your friends and I’m sure they can catch the term.

  1. Let’s SCORE

Alright! This might sound a little funny but yeah, scoring is a perfect word to conversate about sex.

  1. Down to do the business

Well, quite formal. Isn’t it? No one’s gonna ask you about the “real-business”, so go ahead and use this code-word.

  1. Let’s inject each other

Dude, even though it sounds painful; this code-word is good to use instead of sex.

Just saying: – It is a perfect word to use when you want to invite your partner at your place (You know what I mean)

  1. Ringing the bell

I know, it is kinda silly but a cool word though.

And, you must be smart enough to tell your partner about it.

  1. Let’s do the *Homework*

This one is funny yet impressive word to use. Homework- It is a fine code-word to use when you’re conversating with your lovable partner.

These were the secret code words for sex.

So, which one are you planning to use? Well, use ‘em all and just talk about “it” without facing any embarrassment.

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