Coffee and Cheese together? Then you are in Columbia

coffee and cheese

Being from another part of the country it is difficult to understand the essence of the cheese with coffee. Natives of Columbia can only feel the pleasure of the combination of the two ingredients. Tourists or outsiders find it something interesting and a strange combination of cheese and caffeine together. Unless anyone tastes the flavour it becomes hard to understand the delight of the coffee.

Natives can never think of a sip of coffee without a mix of chocolate and cheese.

coffee and cheese 2

Traditional Pair coffee and cheese in Columbia

Both together is known as Kaffeost from the collection of coffees an origin from the Scandinavian countries. The indigenous groups that are called Sami have been the inventor of the unique cheesy drink. Not only in Columbia but the trend is now found in other European countries. Kaffeost is popular among locals of other countries as hot and cheesy.

The hardness of the drink with the soft chewing of the slices gives an amazing feeling to the taste buds, which is hard to explain unless one has it. Tourists visiting the country will never return back without trying out as it is not only found in the streets but being native and traditional it is found in restaurants.

So, when a person will ask for coffee this is the first option that is given apart from other drinks.

Chasing for the flavour of dips of cheese

Stirring cheese is similar to the cubes of sugar that one puts in the drinks as they like to taste. More wants for cheese, greater are the dips and stirs of the cheesy cubes. Columbia is one of the attractive destinations when the pink dolphins are jumping around the Amazon River. Seeing them is a treat to the eyes because of their sporty and friendly behaviour.

After which the flavour of the Kaffeost melting inside while having a break from tiring tours is a necessity. Under the scorching sun or it may be a cold wind around the cheesy drink will always be around. Coffee lovers are crazy about Colombia as it is the highest producer of coffee exporting various flavours round the world. Natives of South Americans are fond of the flavour, and so the tourists who have it are all due to the mouthwatering taste.

So, when it is around may be in or outside Columbia it will always remind of the native place. No one will like to say “No” to the variations of the coffee roasts. Being the highest producer the different flavours adds a unique match with the saltiness. Perhaps who wants to eat more insistent cheese along with stronger bonds of roasts can find it easily. While a milder flavour with the low cheese combination can also be a complimenting as per tastes.

Mix and drink the cheese and coffee

The coffee roasts can be nuts, caramel, fruits or any other flavour but the addition of the mild to strong cubes will always make the weird experience of drinking coffee and cheese one of the favourites.

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