10 Things About Macau That Makes it a Perfect Holiday Destination

If you have been meaning to travel China lately, and want to expose yourself to a lot of colours, cultures and casinos and all that sass, Macau is surely your go-to. It is highly thought of as one of the interesting tourist destinations of Asia which is obviously a magnet to thousands of visitors from across the Globe every year. There is a line-up of casinos, exotic temples, urbane museums, gigantic sky scrapers and the high-end shopping malls catch the tourist’s fancy. Here a few exciting things to do in Macau:

Explore the remnants of St. Paul’s by the night:

The glimpse of the Jesuit Church is quite the feast for the eyes during the night. Dating back to the 17th century, the Church was built and only is left with its ruins which are soul-stirring.


Hop across the Chinese temples:

Macau has an amalgamation of people from different faiths such as Buddhist, Taoist and Chinese folklore faiths and every temple stands souvenir to their exotica. To name a few, there are The A-Ma temple, Ling Fung Temple, I Leng Temple etc.


Get a footloose in Taipa village:

Taipa is in a fleeting distance from Cotai Strip which has rich historical significance. Almost all the city tour package is inclusive of Tapai tour.


Enjoy the house of Dancing water:

There is a breathtakingly beautiful cultural fest held in Macau which can be well enjoyed with the family in tow. People who love arts and aesthetics, watching the splendid Macau show will be definitely a lifetime experience for them.


Visit the myriad museums:

One must get a load of the culture and tradition of China once there. The museums hold true with the culture of bygone years. There are Grand Prix Museum, Macau White Museum, Macau Wine Museum etc.


Relax yourself in the Hac Sa beach:

It is stationed in the South Coast of the island which happens to be the largest beach in Macau. The profoundness of the beach and slight murmur of the wind takes you to a parallel universe.


Casino hopping:

This goes without saying that Casino hopping is one of the most loved activities among the tourists during the evenings. No wonder, Macau is the ‘Vegas’ of the East. There are casinos like Sands Macau, Grand Lisboa etc where free drinks, live bands all are available.


Try the local food:

This is a template adventure you should experience wherever you go. Chinese cuisine as a kind of its own with delicacies like Egg tarts, Almond cakes, Dim Sums, Macanese-Style Prawns, salt fish cakes, etc that are worth trying.

Spend a night in Venetian:

Venetian Macau is the seventh largest building of the world which comprises of casinos, hotels and resorts. Staying here for a night makes the Macau night city tour completely worth your while.



Indulge in adventure sports:


Engage in varied adventure tours in Macau Tower which obviously is counted among the most coveted activity in the Macau City Tour. It includes Bungee Jumping, Skywalk, tower climb, ski jumping etc.

Thereafter, you can go for shopping and bring home the beauteous artefacts and souvenirs back home for your loved ones.


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