Bangkok Is Going Through The Risk Of A Major Flood

Bangkok flood

Bangkok flood – The risk of the water crisis is hitting Bangkok. Yes, after Kerala, now there is a danger of water scarcity in Bangkok.

Where one side Bangkok is hosting talks on climate change and its deep crisis. On the other hand, Bangkok is struggling to save itself from the crisis, Bangkok flood.

The risk of the flood on Bangkok, Bangkok flood –

Bangkok flood

Bangkok is just 5 feet above sea level, it has risk of Bangkok flood.

In fact, according to a recent report on climate change, half of Bangkok will be submerged by the year 2030.

Bangkok is effected very hard with the natural disaster, said by a special report of climate change.

According to the data recorded in the report, half of Bangkok will be submerged by the year 2030. The reason for this major flood crisis in Bangkok is the Gulf of Thailand. In fact, the water level in the sea near the Gulf of Thailand is increasing at a rate of 4 millimetres per year. The rising water level is constantly becoming a threat to Bangkok. There was also a severe warning from the Meteorological Department about this flood in Bangkok recently. The warning issued by the Meteorological Department has said that in just 10 years, half of Bangkok will be submerged in water. Also, it is being said that as temperature rises in Bangkok, as well as the unusual patterns of weather have also been revealed, and the situation here is now being feared worse.

Bangkok flood

The pressures of governing the 2015 Parisian Clauses Treaty on Governments have now increased even more about this problem, which has come up intensely during this climate change meeting. Explain that Bangkok is situated on a marshland land, which is now situated at a height of 5 feet above sea level, means just 1.5 meters above sea level. Due to such low-level difference, the continuous increase in the water level of the sea is becoming the biggest threat to this city.

Bangkok flood

The risk of the water crisis in Bangkok: Bangkok is sinking in 1 to 2-centimetre water per year.

Let us tell you that according to this climate change claim that not only Bangkok, the danger of weather havoc is also on the Jakarta and South Asian cities, and if we talk of the recent situation in Bangkok, Bangkok is sinking in 1 to 2-centimetre water per year. Considering the massive increase in the sea level every year it would not be wrong to say that a constant danger of natural disaster is hovering over Bangkok. Let us tell you that the next Climate Conference of United Nation will be held on Tuesday in Bangkok for which preparations are going on.

Bangkok flood

Bangkok flood – After the high water level in Bangkok, one side the officials of the Bangkok Meteorological Department are troubled by this news, on the other hand, the major concern for United Nations is that the same danger is hovering over other places such as Jakarta and South Asian cities. The only good thing here is that all the nations have come together to fight this natural disaster.

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