How America Affects The Other Parts Of The World


America is the dominant global player and is a trailblazer.

It has proved its credentials by many means in the Global forefront hence an example for the other countries. However, America is not crony to every country and arch rivals to many such as North Korea who is always mudslinging at America on every given opportunity.

The leaders of both countries are heard to take jibes at each other openly over the nuclear issues and the fact that South Korea, North Korea’s sworn enemy is backed by America and their bilateral relationship is very strong. However, apart from North Korea, if we are talking about the ways how America affects the rest of the world, we will run short of pages literally.

However, here are some highlighted ways in which America has established itself as an example to other nations:

American economy is strong:

If you visit other countries, you will see American dollar is used the most as the mode of monetary transaction which probably have left you really impressed about their economy. This leads us to believing that anything happens to the US economy will cast a blanket effect on the World economy substantially. Every economy is weight as per the rise and fall of dollar value and as the United States Federal raises interest rates, the foreign exchange value of the dollar goes up a notch as well. If Americans stop buying imported goods, a significant number of countries are likely to face major economic downturn, eventually they will be less capable of buying American goods and it will be a downward spiral.

American culture has a dominance over other countries:

If you see from the right pair of eyes, there has been a globalization of culture lately and American popular culture has spread its wings wider cutting across the national barriers. Sometimes, a dominance of the US culture over the other cultures posed as a threat and eventual extinction of the indigenous. US culture, like its spread of goods after world war 2, penetrating in many continents through the conspicuous spurt of Mass Communication such as music, television, films and the internet. In short, the Global culture is being too much Americanized which is installing fear in many global leaders. There is a tidal wave of American influence in China, France and the Middle East which slowly plaguing their own culture and religious traditions.

The influence of Hollywood over the World Cinema:

There have been a healthy development of American cinema in previous years and it influenced the world cinema in all merits. Movies, that is to say entertainment play a pivotal role in bolstering the economy of the nation and the relationship is symbiotic. Reason why there is no comparison to Hollywood with other entertainment industries of the world, is the strong economy of America that backs it. Hollywood boasts of huge transnational media groups and rich experience in distribution. In plainspeak, America expands American model and sociopolitical hegemony to other nations through its cinema. The cultural imperialism of the ruling class in America that is shown in the movies has become the roll model for the onlookers.

In a nutshell, we look at American culture and imperialism with covetous eyes and strive to achieve that through generations, that’s where America wins.

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