Do You Know What Gods Wear Before They Ride?

Hindu Gods have their own distinctive vehicles. The elephant-headed Lord Ganesha’s vehicle is a mouse, Maa Durga’s is a lion and the venerable Vishnu rides an eagle.

What is common to them is that they all wear a headgear before they ride.

Some might call it a mythology or for some it’s a fantasy but we think it is damn practical.

Something we all must learn from this video is that wearing a helmet is not just a traffic rule but a necessity. And even if you still take it as a rule then following a rule does not make you any less cooler.

In fact if you don’t wear a helmet then you certainly get a place in the list of certified idiots.

Because if a person cannot care for himself then how can you expect that person to care for anyone else.

“So please wear a helmet” That should be your thoughts when you look in the rear view mirror to check whether your hair is in good shape. Because a person with a bad hair style is acceptable but a person without a head is not..!

Source: Ranbir Talwar

Courtesy: Indian Head Injury Foundation, Ogilvy & Mather and Piyush Pandey.

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