7 Things Girls Do That Make Their Boyfriend Jealous

make boyfriend jealous

Many times girlfriends inadvertently make their beau jealous and insecure.

And guys (again most of the times) may not show the direct signs of being jealous.

Some boys end up suppressing their anger or you can say their urge to fight back and make you aware that they are jealous.

So if you thinking how to know whether your boyfriends are jealous of your some actions then you can gander below to know:

  1. Talking incessantly about certain guy.

Your guy may be screaming inside his head but he won’t let you know sometimes that how irritated and sometimes gets jealous. So it’s better to not to repeat same stuff about any guy or specifically.

  1. Talking with about your ex.

Girls please note that it’s better not to bring up this topic. If you go on and on about your good or bad old days that will simply make him envious and irritated too. He may think that you are still in love with your ex and other questions will float in his mind.

  1. Flirting with friends or his friends-

Flirting with other guys will make him green-eyed especially when you talk with him or continuously laugh at his jokes. His continuous grunts will give hint how he is burning deep inside badly.

  1. When you tell him that how some other guy is mad behind you.

This news may drive your beau nuts especially when you both are in a long distance relationship. And it’s difficult to know when he is jealous and to get that eyes glaze over with rage.

  1. Chatting with other male friends.

Texting is ok but your beau may think envious that what and which topic they chat about and more what-if questions arises in his minds. What will make him go crazy more is when he read across your flirty (even if healthy according to you) texting.

  1. Having best friend- MALE

Having your close (very close) friend as male may make him will jealous. Girls may have guy friends that may not jealous their partners but they may get fishy about some guys who according to them are dangerous.

  1. When you spend holidays and attend parties with friends instead of him.

When his idea of having quality time with you during holidays is crushed by your plans with friends (especially with bunch of male friends) may make him envious. He may feel bitter more when you he is least aware about your partying and he gets to know surfs through your partying pictures on social media

Avoid making these things that can make Boyfriend Jealous and focus more on him as the one can get insecure only when he feel cornered. So give your man his due attention and make him feel happy and secured.

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